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Packaging Advice

Packaging advice

We know you are in a hurry. We know you want your goods to be sent straightaway. But remember, the most important thing in transport is safety of the goods. Without safety there would be no point in sending the goods. We have seen many instances where poor packaging has led to damaged goods. As our customers you should not have to deal with such hassle. We have compiled a list of rules if followed will guarantee the safe delivery of your goods


First Rule of Packaging - Get the simple things right

 Write the Addresses clearly. Pay special attention to post codes and Names. Even the smallest mistake could lead to your package being miss delivered. Check, double check and triple check.

Second Rule of Packaging - Better safe than Sorry

If your material contain sharp edges, make sure to use padded material to wrap it. If your packages contain breakable goods make sure to wrap it with rigifoam or bubble wrap to avoid risk of damage. And make sure the breakable goods don’t touch the sides of the packaging.

Filling out the packaging with cushion like material such as Bubble wrap is always a good idea regardless of the type of goods.

Our material In Packaging Solutions store can assist you with any situation.

Third Rule of Packaging - Better Labeling means better handling

Label your goods, especially if the goods are fragile. Labels will help the people who handle the goods to pay special attention to the goods. Consult our staff to get your labeling correct if you want to do it yourself

Otherwise all the goods which are sent through our services will be labeled appropriately and thus be handled with the utmost care.

Fourth and Final Rule of Packaging - information is everything

Consult your courier services agent, ask about the various regulations and time periods.  Declare your material correctly to the agent and inform them of any specific requirements.  All this will help your package to be safe and delivered on time.


For Additional tips, please refer to our general tips


General Tips

Choose the right size container for packaging - Under filled containers may leads to goods falling off and being damaged whereas overfilled containers will damage the goods due to pressure

Always use the right type of high quality cushioning material required for your packaging

Use Arrow up signs for non-solid material

If you are sending gifts, make sure the packaging it comes in is suitable for shipping. Most gift packaging is not suitable.

Do not over seal your packaging as this would be a waste. Most custom authorities have the right to inspect the goods by opening them

Always consult your courier service and be informed of how they can assist you

Labels are only good for information, they are not a substitute for careless packaging