About Us

Courier.lk is the one stop location for all courier needs offering service levels which stands up to the test of global standards.  Courier.lk is a fully owned subsidiary of GTV  Enterprises Private Limited which has been in the courier industry for many decades In Sri Lanka.  Our ambition with Courier.lk is to provide a easy access outlets across Sri Lanka to cater to every Courier need in what has become a fast paced life style in recent times. Courier.lk has for this purpose has joined hands with many local partners and internationally reputed giants to deliver unparallel levels of Service.

Courier.lk now stands as the proud embodiment of GTV Enterprises with its values of being trustworthiness and service excellence being held up every day across Sri Lanka and the world.  Courier.lk now offers services across every country of the world and has bespoke courier service options to fit any courier need you will ever come across. Courier.lk has in its disposal a vehicle fleet as well as a team of experts which now covers the entirety of Sri Lanka 24 hours a day. Our partnerships with Local giants enables us to provide you with the very best the courier industry has to offer such as access to tracking tools across country and the world.

We believe that Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician,  and with our latest expansion we are equipped to become that great logistician for you.