Domestic Courier

With the advancement of today’s lifestyles the need for a delivery service that is efficient, reliable and effective is now more than ever before. What distinguishes a domestic courier from ordinary mail services are its main features such as speed, tracking ability and reduced delivery times. Domestic couriers arrange for the fast and guaranteed delivery of your packages within the country. Here’s everything you need to know about the domestic services of

Same Day Delivery

Can’t wait for tomorrow? Let us help you out.

If you have important packages that need to be couriered within Sri Lanka urgently, our Same Day Delivery service would be the ideal choice for your requirement. There is no restriction on the type and the size of packaging that can be accommodated under this category and at the end of each delivery we will provide you with the relevant Proof of Delivery (POD) documents that guarantee a secure and timely delivery within the course of the day. Our highly committed crew and the technology that uses ensures that you have absolutely no cause for concern throughout the delivery process. You will also be able to track your packages for real time updates on the progress of the delivery through our website.

Branch Dropoff/Collection

Want to drop off your package personally or collect it from us? We’ve got you covered.

Our extensive network of branches that are scattered throughout the island is a big contributing factor is empowering us to deliver your packages even to the tightest of deadlines. You can simply walk in to any one of our service centers listed on and drop off or collect you packages and if you need any help, our team is at hand to help you out within minutes. We work every day of the week to provide you with a fast paced and accurate service and our customer care hotline is available all day every day should you need any clarifications on how you can drop off or collect your packages.

Next day Delivery

Want a package delivered tomorrow? No problem.

Our services allow you to choose when you would like to have your packages or your documents delivered. You can choose the Next Day Delivery option when you place your courier order and we will make sure that deadlines are met. We have no afterhours which makes it even easier for you to place your courier requests as and when you need to. You can track the progress of your delivery all the way to its intended destination and our special attention to each type of package means that all your documents or goods will be delivered in the same condition that they were received in.

Want to know more? Drop us a message or call our team to find out. Alternatively simply come pay us a visit at any one of our service centers any time of the day.

Our other Value Added Services include; Cash on delivery, Card on delivery, Cheque collection, Gift delivery, Fulfillment services, Warehousing and Storing, Collection point and pick up and Distribution service.