Ecommerce Solution

The future is here with e-commerce solutions beyond borders.

E-commerce has grown rapidly over the past few years and is now the leading shopping solution in majority of countries around the world. Its impact and influence has spread far beyond borders, creating a need for e-commerce solutions that cross borders. Our e-commerce solution is one that facilitates this need and meets the demand of increasing internet utilization around the world. The business transactions, cargo shipping, payment and collection and document exchanges are all looked after a single collaborative process that takes the hassle off you. What’s more? It increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Last mile delivery

The final step of the delivery process that brings the goods from a distribution center to you.

We use parcel or small package carriers to deliver you your goods within the last bit of delivery. With the growth of e-commerce this facility is one that is essential because it allows us to deliver swiftly and more cost-effectively.

Cash on Delivery (Domestic) 

Want to make sure that your money gets value?

We understand. That is why you can now pay cash on delivery for domestic services. This way you know that you can trust us and with our online tracking systems you can also feel relaxed knowing your packages are being moved through efficiently and accurately.

Cross Border E-commerce (International)

Want to grow your business for a much lower cost?

With our cross-border e-commerce solution you can reduce your shipping costs and increase your market reach, shipping to more consumers than ever before. Our integration with top delivery partners and maximum insurance coverage guarantees swift and uninterrupted delivery always.

You can process your bulk orders in just a few clicks from the comfort of your home and your customers will have the benefit of order tracking and effective delivery or pickup of their goods. All you need to do is to choose your shipment, select your courier partner, pack your shipment, hand it over and then track the progress of the delivery. It’s as simple as that.

Warehousing and Fulfillment 

There is no minimum number of units that you cans send in which means your business can experience growth with the service. The fulfillment facilities are built to adjust with your requirements and all logistics are handled so that the process is easier on your end.

Multi-channel order fulfillment or sales from other channels can also be stored at Amazon fulfillment centers. You are only charged for the storage and orders that are fulfilled and there are no hidden costs.

Marketplace and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Shipping 

Amazon’s expertise to fulfill your shipping needs.

E-commerce pioneer Amazon has created one of the most advanced fulfillment processes that has built a network around the world and your business can now take full advantage of this feature. With Marketplace and FBA fulfillment by Amazon, you can now store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers around the world. Your products will be eligible for benefits like Amazon free or prime shipping along with trusted customer service and return policies from Amazon.

Packing, shipping and customer care will be available to you and more importantly the process can help you reach out to more customers, growing your market exponentially.

Want to understand our E-commerce solution better? Call us or send us an email and we get you up to speed.