Air courier / Air Express/ Air post – Faster Delivery Easy Transit

Fast delivery of goods, packages or items is important part of an effective business. Therefore, companies take every effort possible to send their business packages to their customers within the scheduled time. By not meeting the deadlines of buyers or recipients of goods, companies and individuals lose life-long deals and millions of currencies. In this backdrop, Air courier/Air Express/Air Post service providers are highly important stakeholders in today’s business world.

The Air courier/Air Express/Air Post service providers arrange from Air waybill (AWB) covering domestic and international flights to the ATA or Actual Time of Arrival activities to the satisfaction of everyone concerned. Courier services arrange AWB which contains the list of goods that an airline accepts to carry to the other end. According to the specification of the IATA, and the HAWB, Air courier services prepare AWBs on behalf of their customers taking into account their instructions.

Air courier services that represent clients or their companies are vital tags to deliver goods to required destinations on time. If a business uses normal air freight services, they cannot deliver goods to required destinations on time. Therefore, they hire Air couriers from recognized courier services to deliver urgent packages to various global destinations. Reputable courier services employ qualified air couriers to represent any businesses and take their packages overseas and deliver the goods in high quality and within required time frames.

Moreover, reputed Air courier/Air Express/Air Post service providers know about Aircraft Container specification or a unit load device (ULD) and how to reserve Allotment on behalf of their customers. They meet the ATA or Actual Time of Arrival or Airport To Airport requirements of their customers perfectly. They transport customers’ deliveries to the airport meeting the ATDs or Actual Time of Departure. For achieving this end, they transport customers’ shipment to warehouses, sort out them, pack and label them, and transport to the scheduled airport well before the departure time of the flights.

Furthermore, experienced Air courier/Air Express/Air Post service providers know the procedures such as Bonded Warehouse storing, Break Bulk (B/B), Carnet, Combi Aircraft, Consignment, Consolidation, and Customs procedures which is vital for delivering accepted goods to the recipient on time. They have Customs Brokers to enter and clear goods from Customs by providing Customs Clearance documents for FCC and FDA approvals. Reputable Air Courier services are also experts in preparing Customs Invoices for different countries. is one of the highly accepted companies that provide Air courier/Air Express/Air Post services. They have branches in every major city in Sri Lanka and agents in most of the foreign countries such as the USA, the UK, France, Japan, India, Pakistan, German and the Middle East. They have warehouses equipped with the latest technologies such as automated pick up, storing, heat control and temperature adjustment systems. is highly experienced of handling Dangerous Goods as per the IATA specifications. They offer payments systems such as Dimensional Weight and Direct Ship, and Harmonized systems. is specialized in handling Import Certificates, Import Licences and Import Restrictions, insurance procedures and Incoterms regulations in various countries. reaches the required destinations on behalf of customers by using Intermodal transport systems. also carries outs Packing Lists, POD, Pro Forma Invoices, Shipping Marks, Shipping Weight, Tare Weight, and Temporary Importation Under bonds on behalf of their clients. They arrange Transshipment procedures, Ultimate Consignees, and represents Without Reserves as well. Air courier/Air Express/Air Post service has strong links with international courier services such as DHL, TNT, UPS, among others. Therefore, tracking and tracing services never keep their customers clueless about their air packages until they reach required destinations.

Air courier/Air Express/Air Post service of get strengthened by state of the art E-Commerce Network. It covers the entire island and most of the countries. Customers of can know about their packages with by entering their IDs on the search field of the E-Commerce platform round the clock. They can also connect with representatives, make orders, and ask for relevant staff of to reach customers’ locations or to doorsteps within minutes.

In short, provides all that is necessary for sound air courier services. They reach locations of the customers, transport goods from there to airport or warehouses of for storing. They sort, pack, and label products and then transport them to sea ports, airports or land locations on behalf of customers. With import and export of goods never get complicated. They are as smooth as skating with unbelievable fastness until you meet the set goals.

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