Sea Cargo / Ocean Freight in Sri Lanka

All most every major business in Sri Lanka seeks services of Sea Cargo/Ocean Freight forwarding agent. Without the assistance of expert courier company, when handling Sea cargo/Ocean Freight, any company may face difficulties in the process. Handling Sea Cargo/Ocean Freight involves gaining thorough knowledge of terms and phrases in the field as well as rules and regulations of other countries in this field.

Therefore, those who seek experts of Sea Cargo/Ocean Freight in Sri Lanka should research the field before hiring a courier service. Since every major courier services, such as, maintain easy to access websites, they can know about A to Z of their services within minutes.

On these websites, relevant courier services display all that is necessary for the seekers of agents of Sea Cargo/Ocean Freight. Armed with the knowledge gained by reading the information on such sites, any businessperson can select a reliable courier service in order to carry out their cargo needs.

Agreements between senders of Sea Cargo/Ocean Freight and recipients of them will be signed via courier services. These agreements are called Incoterms. Delivered at Frontier (DAF), Delivered Duty Paid or place of destinations, Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) are some of the terms in an Incoterms. Courier services also prepare Bill of Laden (B/L).

Not only B/L but also other documents such as Banker Adjustment Factor (BAF), Bank Guarantee, Bill of Exchange, different type of B/Ls such as Combined Transport, Congen, Dirty/Foul/Claused, House B/L, Master B/L etc., are also prepared by courier companies. Since from country to country, regulation and terms of Ocean Freight delivering change, only expert Courier Services such as can handle A to Z procedure of this field effectively.

Expert courier companies have through knowledge of the type of goods that cannot be sent by Air Cargo/Air Freight. They include hazardous goods such as explosives, radioactive items, poisonous, and flammable goods. The sender should inform details of these items before sending to relevant shippers, so they can take necessary arrangement in order to send overseas such items or refuse sending them altogether.

In sum, there are four factors that seekers of Sea Cargo/Ocean Freight courier services must know about vs their decision on selecting Air Cargo/Air Freight service. Cost is one of them. Normally, careers charge per container rates. Most common sizes of containers are 20’ and 40’.

There are destinations charges as well with shipping lines. The second thing that must be considered is the Speed since it can takes months for a career to arrive at the destination whereas airlines reaches very fast their destinations. Reliability of a shipping line and environmental impact that airlines and shipping lines cause should also be considered. Expert courier services such as can enlighten customers in these aspects and help them decide on most suitable transport methods for sending their goods. 

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