Anglo Asian shipping in Sri Lanka

As the number of companies in the shipping activities in Sri Lanka increases, choosing a reliable one for carrying out import and export of a business is quite a task. Even though every shipping company or courier service adverts that they are the best in the field, most of them lack necessary staff, equipment, machineries, connections as well as the most important knowledge of the field – how to carry out import and export effectively to the satisfaction of every one concerned.

Against this backdrop, who has link with Anglo Asian Group based in the UK has developed very much, and a high number of companies seek courier services that engage in shipping activities from here to the UK through Company. However, accepts shipping assignments not only to these countries but also to every country.

The reason that businesspersons and individuals seek services of Anglo Asian Group is that they have A to Z which a shipping line company needs to carry out their tasks effectively. They have large automated warehouses, qualified staff, fast and reliable machineries, high connections in State and Private sector in every country, and so on.

Armed with these facilities and qualified staff, they initiate an import and export assignment on behalf of their clients from the very beginning: by preparing necessary documents. There are hundreds of documents that they have to obtain from State and private sectors very fast. Then they load whatever goods that have to be exported from the sites of their clients and arrange them to be imported on scheduled time.

The process include transporting the goods to relevant courier services’ warehouses, sorting, packing, labeling, storing, and picking up, loading, carrying to relevant airport, seaport, or railway stations. They send their own couriers too if the need is there to do so in passenger aircraft with the goods. Producing documents to customs, getting relevant permissions, connecting relevant officials and sending the goods to the required destinations via land freight too is part of their activities.

Domestically, Anglo Asian Shipping Group in the UK delivers parcels, packages, documents etc., to every part of the country. They also move large entities such as businesses, exhibitions etc. to other locations as per the needs of their clients. Marketing websites hire them to deliver items and goods that their customers orders, to their doorsteps as well.

Other services that Anglo Asian Group carries out include cash & carry activities, jewellery buying and selling, express parcel service, money exchanging, running super markets. In fact, Anglo Asian Shipping in the UK connected companies such as is like a conglomerate that spread all over the country and provide their services not only domestically but also internationally. They attract thousand of customers in daily basis by providing their services round the clock.

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