Become a courier / Courier service jobs / careers in Sri Lanka

We are looking for young people who are interested in joining our firm as couriers. They must be smart, honest and pleasurable individuals who are committed to deliver their best towards the development of our courier services.

Selected candidates are expected to deliver parcels, goods, documents, to our clients throughout the island via company transportations. It is advantageous if the applicants have general knowledge of tri-languages and owning a driving license.

Salary negotiable.

Forward your application to: Human Resources Manager

No.18/3, Dr.E.A. Cooray Mawatha
Colombo 6
Sri Lanka  

Telephone: +94112360926 / +94114654444

Fax: +94 112 361 139 

One ought to have a license to be a courier by registering with the relevant government or State authorities in the respective country. Owning a motorbike is even enough to get started initially as a courier. With a bike, a courier can deliver documents and small packages. Having a car for a courier business will pay much dividends since much larger parcels and boxes can be delivered along with documents and similar items.

There must be a stimulated price sheet for a courier. For example, the amount a courier charges per mile to deliver a package. For this to achieve, initial researches on the present market prices of courier services is essential. The objective is to be competitive with other couriers by introducing somewhat lower charges than they ask for a delivery while providing an excellent service.

Furthermore, it is imperative to deliver packages etc., on time. Therefore, having a GPS is important. Publish a mobile number or two since most customers contact couriers through mobile numbers. Digital log book is also essential to keep track of deliveries which show time and date of delivery and other important data. A courier must get the signature of every recipient after delivering his/her package/s.

Moreover, it is important to have a business card. It must include the name of the courier, mobile and landline numbers, short introduction of the courier service etc. Then some advertising process such as hand delivering a leaflet, a card, booklet to companies and residences in surrounding areas will do much help improve a courier business.

On the other hand, many look for courier service jobs. The field has a high number of positions from mere peons to top officials like administrative managers, regional directors and so on. Some of the employments in courier fields are graphic artists, technicians, drivers, special vehicles drivers, couriers, clerks, managers, supervisors, labourers, digital technicians and operators, but to name a few. In fact courier service jobs include all the categories of employments that other fields present for job seekers and even more.

In Sri Lanka too many careers are operative throughout the country. However, most of them are based in the commercial capital of Sri Lanka Colombo. Since the country has given prominent to market-oriented economy, career services in Sri Lanka have prominent part to play for the country to achieve her development. In fact, careers or couriers in Sri Lanka manage a high number of businesses entirely on behalf of their clients. Such career services boast large automated warehouses, skilled labourers, and other qualified staff as well as vehicles, machineries etc.

From delivering packages, parcels, documents to shifting houses, businesses, and entire conglomerate, they engage in other aspects of businesses such as consultations, import and export, chain supply management, advertising, to name a few. Many foreign and local marketing websites too have careers named on their websites. When they get orders they send the ordered items through those official websites on their websites. In fact, careers services in Sri Lanka are now international entities which connect the whole world together for their customers’ benefit day and night.

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