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A recently carried out survey on business development shows that a high percentage of business ventures do not maintain their courier services. Therefore, many of them face severe problems in the long run, the survey statistics note. However, those business ventures that volunteered to provide information for the survey, had said that they do not face much problem since they carry out their courier needs via third party Business Delivery Services / B2B Shipping / Commercial courier service. In fact, it is cheap and highly reliable, they had pointed out.

Practically, every business cannot maintain a courier service. They do not have space, staff, equipment, logistics etc. On the other hand, they out put bulks of products per day and have to ship, transport, and air cargo most of them every day. They must also have space and techniques to store the excess of products. For a company that produces perishable products, preserving them for some months or even for a few days is another challenge. Unless they have latest technologies of temperature controlling system, they will not be able to be in the business in the long run.

On the other hand, foreign and local companies send raw materials and products to each other in regular basis. They also seek Business Delivery Services / B2B Shipping / Commercial courier service on long term contractual basis. It is reliable for them to have courier services from reputable company since they know every pros and cons of B2B Shipping. They are highly experience of preparing shipping documents. This aspect of shipping is very important because a slight error on shipping documentation can results in seizure of goods by Customs, buyer rejection, bank disagreements, and so on.

Therefore, many businesses seek the service of an experienced Business Delivery Services / B2B Shipping / Commercial courier service who can prepare documents such as Commercial Invoice, Packing Lists, Bills of Loading (B/L), Airway Bills, and Inspection Certifications. They are also experts at preparing Insurance Certificates, Insurance Policies such as Open and Specific Policies, HS Codes, and various Incoterms: EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, and CIF.

Since a reputable Business Delivery Services / B2B Shipping / Commercial courier service has strong connections with international airlines and shipping lines, they can easily allocate sea freights such as Full Container Load (FCL), Less Than Container Load (LCL), Consolidation, General and Special freight loading and unloading tasks very well on behalf of their customers. They also offer warehouse facilities and administering aspect of shipping, air cargos, and land freights. Therefore, hundreds of companies nowadays seek out Business Delivery Services / B2B Shipping / Commercial courier service for their B2B courier needs.

In this backdrop, is one of the most sought after Business Delivery Services / B2B Shipping / Commercial courier service in Sri Lanka. They offer a range of B2B delivery services in Sri Lanka and abroad. They also arrange bespoken B2B courier services. has many branches covering every major city in Sri Lanka interconnecting each other via an E-Commerce network. The E-Commerce B2B courier services are available round the clock. B2B Same Day, Express, High Speed etc., have made one stop location for hundreds of companies in Sri Lanka at present.

Business Delivery Services / B2B Shipping / Commercial courier service of offer before and after services of B2B Shipping such as sorting, storing, packing, shifting etc., as well. They also fulfill chain management of supplies for businesses. Most of these tail-end services are where new companies find very difficult to handle themselves because they lack necessary logistics and equipment. supports such companies in short term or long term basis.

Moreover, they are experts of handling special shipments such as perishable, dangerous, and important items. They have techniques and affiliated companies to handle such shipments and carry them to any destination locally or internationally. provide A to Z shipment preparation on behalf of their clients including documents preparation, financial arrangements through banks for shipments, providing insurance, land transporting, loading, preserving quality of goods on the way, unloading and last mile delivering.

Customers of can always know about the minute situation of their deliveries through E-Commerce Service. Tracking Services of international courier services such as UPS,           FedEx, SkyNet, TNT, DHL are available on E-Commerce network. Therefore, with, businesses have constant touch with their deliveries until they reach the required destinations.

Business Delivery Services / B2B Shipping / Commercial courier service of cover all the aspects that businesses expect from such a service. B2B shipping involves a vast range of preliminary, on the way, and unloading procedures that only experts in the field can handle. With, small, medium and large scale businesses can get rid of the burden of this high risk sector and expect the highest quality in fast delivering their services to any location in the world.

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