Courier, Parcel and Cargo Service Agents in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka now has become a part of the global village. Thousand of Sri Lankans live in other countries, and regularly travel every country for various reasons. On the other hand, a large number of Sri Lankans works in the Middle East as well as in other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, England, the USA, India and Pakistan. They communicate with their loved ones in Sri Lanka and exchange gifts, documents, etc., in daily basis. On the other hand, foreign companies open their branches in Sri Lanka and local companies operate in foreign countries. In this backdrop, Courier Agents in Sri Lanka play prominent part in connecting them all in any given time.

Courier Agents in Sri Lanka provide individuals and businesses a large number of services. They help them in importing and exporting, storing goods, providing consultancy services, supplying goods, inventorying, administering, delivering goods, shifting companies and other items, providing speed messenger services, supporting mobile courier tasks, and many more. A single courier service in Sri Lanka provides different services to hundreds of companies and individuals for a day. In fact, most of the new and established companies engage in their business successfully thanks to Courier Agents in Sri Lanka.

In the export and import field, they help individuals and companies by providing sea, air, and land freight services. Since Courier Agents in Sri Lanka link with other international courier services such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNL etc., they deliver, export, and import every legal item for affordable prices from country to country on time without any barriers. Locally, they deliver or supply goods to any location in the island within 24 hours.

Providing warehouse facilities is one of the fortes of reputable Courier Agents in Sri Lanka. They accept orders for storing many types of goods and manage them on behalf of their customers. In this way, new or large manufacturers do not have to worry about storing their products for a short or long time basis. Sri Lankan Courier Agents have cooling and with appropriate temperature which companies cannot do in their normal storages.

Moreover, most reputable Courier Agents in Sri Lanka maintain E-Commerce platforms. Customers can connect such courier services through their websites round the clock. They can order goods, deliver their products, engage in import and export, know about the situation of their orders, and many more through such E-commerce services of courier agents in Sri Lanka.

With prestigious Courier Agents in Sri Lanka, businesses or individuals do not have to worry about sending their shipments, parcels, documents, assignments or consignments. Good courier services in Sri Lanka have connection with every sea port, airport, and land customs point. They know customs procedures of any country very well which help them to deliver their assignments to required destinations on time.

However, not all the Courier Agents in Sri Lanka are equally good in their services. Some lack necessary equipment, vehicles, connections, and logistics. Some charge very high prices from their clients. Some do not offer tracking services. Once customers hand over goods, they may not know about where are their packages until they reach the destination. Therefore, it is imperative to select a reliable Courier Agents in Sri Lanka whenever you need a courier service. is one of the prestigious courier agents in Sri Lanka at present. They boast a highly qualified staff, a range of branches, state of the technologies, advanced logistics, auto updating E-Commerce network, large, spacious warehouses, and many more. They have connection with every international shipping and airlines and customs service in the world. They offer supply chain services for companies and individuals as well as chain cooling and temperature controlling systems for perishable and temperature sensitive goods.

Those who venture into new businesses seek consultation from on exporting and importing their products. New businesses may also lack logistics in many fields. offer logistics in every aspect of business administration. Not stopping there, they help new companies in administering part or whole of their business in short or long term basis. They also provide designing, advertising, and media consultation.

Being a sole subsidiary of GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited, which is in many business field in Sri Lanka for decades, is blessed with expert knowledge of various aspects of local and international courier services. They extend hands to any new or old company that needs help. Just enter their E-Commerce platform today and discuss your business problems and receive solutions instantly. Enter the new world with and make your business a success.

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