Distribution and Supply Service in Sri Lanka

Producing quality consumer goods or manufacturing various items takes most of the time and effort of companies. They hardly have sufficient time to concentrate on distributing their produces throughout the island, not to mention introducing them to the global market. Therefore, most of the Sri Lankan producers and manufacturers think of hiring a Distribution Service in Sri Lanka at the end of production line. Only those companies that have large warehouses, staff, vehicles, machineries can handle distribution of their produces in the Island and abroad.

Hundreds of Companies are in Distribution Service in Sri Lanka at present. They cater to the distribution needs of varied companies and online shops. They also distribute goods and items of individuals. These companies maintain large warehouses equipped with the latest technologies. They can store perishable produces since they have temperature controlling technologies in their warehouses. They also have technically equipped vehicles to transport and distribute goods for days controlling the heat of the vehicle that maintain the freshness and the quality of goods inside the vehicle.

In the warehouses, a reputable Distribution Service in Sri Lanka sort, pack, and store goods and items on behalf of their customers in accordance with the latest methods of the field. They also maintain automated inventory procedures via computer based software technologies. The staff of such warehouses can indicate and pick up the required items within seconds by pressing a few keys of the newest technical gadgets. They have heavy machineries to handle large bulks of goods: to lift, to pack, to load, to unload etc., without wasting much time and labour costs.

Courier.lk is one of such highly recognized well-spread Distribution Services in Sri Lanka. They provide large, state of the art warehouse facilities for business and individuals. From pick-up, store to distribution, all the aspects in between they do for affordable prices on behalf of their clients and customers. Their inland distribution services include from door to door to the entire island covering all the main cities and their suburbs. Large freight services of Courier.lk transport goods from factory premises and store them in Courier.lk warehouses in daily basis.

Then, Courier.lk provides sorting, packing, labeling, storing and distributing these goods on behalf of their clients in short and long term basis. They also export goods of their clients from their warehouses or Courier.lk warehouses by handling all the foreign customers, relevant documents and authorities locally and internationally until the goods reach the required destinations. Sea, air, and land transportations are the fortes of Courier.lk in which they have great experience. Their freight services are arranged to suite with various transit schedules, and their costs. With close relationships with international stakeholders in shipping and airlines as well as customs officials, Courier.lk reach global destinations on behalf of their clients facing minimum barriers and difficulties.

Any size of shipments does not pose a single problem to Courier.lk as they have their own LCL consolidation services. They also offer FCL solutions for any size of shipments on behalf of their clients. Courier.lk also provides Import and Export NVOCC services, consolidation or deconsolidation, tracking and tracing of shipments, break bulk and hazardous products handling, from airport to airport distribution, fashions and brands delivering, sea-air-land combined distribution, scanning barcodes and EDI services.

According to customers’ need, Courier.lk Distribution Service in Sri Lanka tailor-make transporting, warehousing and distributing packages. Hundreds of companies’ receive bespoken distribution services from Courier.lk. Through Courier.lk E-Commerce platform, these customers can track and trace the latest situations of deliveries of their products round the clock. Therefore, they do not feel any different from handling the distribution aspects of their goods on their own with Courier.lk efficient distribution services.

Courier.lk E-Commerce network carries out about 95 percent of customer queries and fulfill their distributing needs. From making an order to end delivery, the network keeps close relationship with their customers by providing latest information regarding their deliveries and by answering their queries effectively. All most all the reputable international tracking and tracing services maintain good rapport with Courier.lk. Therefore, Courier.lk Distribution Service in Sri Lanka is counted as one of the most effective, fastest, reliable service in the field.

For Online or land-based companies and shops, distribution is perhaps the most crucial aspects in their businesses. It makes or breaks their businesses. Therefore, they look for one of the most efficient Distribution Services in Sri Lanka to carry out this all important field of their businesses.

This is where Courier.lk comes to the limelight of hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals in Sri Lanka and abroad. With Courier.lk, they do not have to worry about distribution but only about the production and the management of their businesses. Rest is rest for the betterment of any company that seeks distribution of one of the best in Sri Lanka in the field – with Courier.lk.

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