Domestic, Island-wide and Local Fulfillment in Sri Lanka

Of the number of Fulfillment Services in Sri Lanka, a majority engage in Domestic Fulfillment Services. Since they cannot afford to provide international fulfillment services, they only focus on providing domestic fulfillment services. They provide warehouse facilities to store any type of goods including perishable products. They also provide freight delivery services for these goods throughout the country. Many companies also get their consumer goods for canteens etc., through such Domestic Fulfilment companies.

However, reputable Fulfillment Services in Sri Lanka such as provide both international and domestic fulfillment services for highly affordable prices. Their emphatically spacious warehouses have storage facilities such as refrigeration and air conditioning for perishable, and temperature sensitive items. They also have heating technology which automatically controls the temperature needed for some special storage such as chemical storing. For all these, offer very low storage charges compared to prices of other such services in the field. inventory and Pick and Pack facilities are supported by its state of the art E-Commerce platform. Identification of items from the storages takes minimum time thereby saving much of the time needed for delivering or shipping. They provide updated inventories for their clients whenever they require them on or before set-time schedules. For shipping and air freight requirements, they receive quality services from prestigious international courier services such as DHL, FedEx and USPC, among others.

In this way, never put their customers’ prestige at stake. They know that providing bad services, even though they do not get the blame, their clients directly responsible for the bad shipments, or packages. Their quality packing facilities and delivering methods rarely shrink or damage goods they send. In fact, with, shipping, land transporting, and air delivering of any type of goods is safe and affordable since they are one of the best in the Fulfillment Services in Sri Lanka at present.

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