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Domestic Courier

Round the clock availability, quick delivering and returning of any type and size of courier needs, capable and disciplined staff members, and state of the art equipment, vehicles and facilities are but some of the requirements that those who seek Domestic Courier service consider at a first glance. provides them all and many more outstanding aspects as well.


Since owns a high number of branches throughout the country, they are able to meet deadlines of any type and size of courier requirements. Their Overnight Delivery Service is only one such option available without any hassle. Customers point out by experience that Special Package Delivery Service is unique compared to similar services since handles from simple documents to large parcels that need special attention when handling and delivering them to another place. is at service every day of the week. Therefore, customers and clients of can expect that their parcels and documents are on the way to the required destinations on time. The VIP delivery service is outstanding from the point of view of those who received its service. In the Colombo District, the VIP Delivery Service sends or returns parcels and documents within one and half hours after accepting the same for delivery.


The Express Mail Service of carries your parcels and packages to any destination of the country within the shortest possible timeframe. send their staff and vehicles to any place you need to collect parcels and documents. Its Same Day delivery, Next Day Delivery, Dawn to Dusk delivery, Mass Mail System and a range of other delivery options provide great flexibility for the customers to carry out their duties on time without any hassle through domestic courier service. No sooner than a delivery is done, provides its customers a Proof of Delivery documents (POD) thereby assuring them safe and timely delivery of the related assignments. e E-Network platform provide access for their customers to its network day and night so they can receive details of their parcels as they are being delivered. Their Customer Care Service is available round the clock every day of the week. Therefore, those who seek domestic courier services from the never dissatisfy but seek their services again and again with unblemished confidence. 


Other value added services include (VAS) Cash on delivery, Card on delivery, Cheque collection, Gift delivery, Fulfillment services, Warehousing and Storing, Collection point and pick up and Distribution service

Shipping Cities and Towns

  • Anuradhapura is now in operation in the sacred city of Anuradhapura. We have committed our resources towards building the most extensive coverage a courier company will possess in Sri Lanka and in line with that vision, we have successfully made our vision for Anuradhapura a reality. is ..
  • Batticaloa
     The city of the eastern university, and home to one of the major commercial cities of Sri Lanka. With commerce comes logistics and with logistics comes courier needs. has now expanded its services to Batticaloa with many unique options which is tailor made for your any courier need...
  • Chilaw
    Chilaw the home to famous Munneshwaram Kovil stand proud with its rich cultural heritage perhaps made more known by the annual Munneshwaram festival. is honoured to announce that we now maintain a presence in such historic and cultural landscape. As the expert in Courier industry we gu..
  • Colombo
    Have you no time to go through all the tedious processes of employing  a courier service ? Do you want someone to take care of all the hassle at no extra cost ? If the answer is yes, we at recognize the special courier needs in the Colombo region and thus we have in our arsenal, ..
  • Galle
     Galle is world famous for the Galle Fort which even today stand as a proud monument of Portugese architecture and a fine example of building a fortified city and is recognized as a world heritage site. Galle is also known as a city with one of the finer natural harbors of the world as well as ..
  • Gampaha
    Gampaha has been one of the most growing suburbs in recent years in Colombo. The growth has been fuelled by various commercial interests and especially the growing residential properties market, making Gampaha one of the busiest cities of Sri Lanka. With business comes logistics and we as the ind..
  • Hambantota
     A city steeped once in history and greatness during the era of the great kingdom of Ruhuna, has been slowly gaining its foothold as a major city once more with the new harbor and an airport being completed in Hambantota. is pleased to announce that we have now covered the entiret..
  • Jaffna now extends its reach to the vast north of Sri Lanka. Following our belief of providing you with the best services courier industry has to offer, we have proven yet again our commitment by opening a local presence of in Jaffna. We at understand the many different ne..
  • Kandy has now expanded its services to the great capital of the Kandyan kingdom.  We at believe in providing the best courier service experience Sri Lanka has to offer to you. With and our dedicated branches, you no longer have to rely on companies operating just o..