A city steeped once in history and greatness during the era of the great kingdom of Ruhuna, has been slowly gaining its foothold as a major city once more with the new harbor and an airport being completed in Hambantota.

Courier.lk is pleased to announce that we have now covered the entirety of Hambantota. We pride our self in being a step ahead of the competition and being the service excellence setters. With the new development projects we know that your lives are being transformed, and with our expertise we are now ideally placed to cater to all your courier needs.

Our Locations

Services Offered

Courier.lk offers door to door delivery guaranteeing simplicity, convenience and affordability. Our couriers possess extensive experience and knowhow which ensures your parcels get the highest attention. Door to Door delivery comes in very handy when dealing with heavy parcels as it will be us doing the heavy lifting and delivering to the door step of the receiver.

Door to Door Delivery

Courier.lk currently facilitate door to door delivery of any packages regardless of size or weight. Our goal is to ensure you receive a quality service in the most cost effective way. if you want to send or receive packages with no additional trouble then this is the option for you

Collection Point Delivery 

We also operate a collection point delivery to facilitate the needs of both Business and Consumer customers by delivering to our collection offices. The receiver can then pick them at their convenience. Delivery to Collection points enables the consumers to not go out their way to receive a parcel as it will be safely stored in the collection point until it is picked up.

Supply Chain solutions

If you are looking for someone to help you with Supply chain needs, look no more. At Courier.lk you will find a perfect partner for all your needs. Courier.lk has works with many reputed global partners and thus we are able to cater to any of your supply chain requirements throughout the world

E- Commerce

Courier.lk currently provide efficient and affordable solutions for all you E- Commerce needs. If you are the owner of a E-Store, let us do the hard lifting and get your products delivered on time and with added safety which will enhance your own reputation. If you are a consumer, fear not we will ensure your goods will be assured of safety until they reach your hands.

Cash On Delivery

At Courier.lk we believe in ease of access and ensuring you face no hassle. Thus our Cash on delivery service is ideal for you as you do not have to worry about pre-payment or going out of your way to make a payment. We are more than happy to come to you.