Door to Door service in Sri Lanka and to all Countries

Amongst ever changing marketing strategies, Door to Door service has become one of the most effective marketing methods at present. Many companies use Door to Door marketing methods through courier services to sell their products. Meanwhile, Door to Door shipping, too, gives attractive benefits for the customers of courier services. In this way, businesses or individuals can have flat rate charges for shipping which include only the expenses of the relevant shipping company to deliver a shipment to one place to the next.

On the other hand, Online Shops which are operating in thousands today seek courier services for Door to Door service. They hire reputable courier services and display their names on their websites as their courier agents for delivering orders. In this way, payments options for the orders include Cash in Advance or Pay after the Delivery. Most online shop customers prefer receiving goods and make payments after inspecting the goods to see whether they are in accordance with the original orders. If the goods are not in compliance with what they have ordered, they will refuse to accept the goods.

However, Door to Door service of shipping is lucrative for businesspersons. The payments of Door to Door Shipping include charges for shipping, handling goods, import as well as customs duties. Moreover, customers do not have to worry about the tasks involved with freight container arrangements. The door to door shipping service base payments include even expenses of storing, consolidation as well as land transportation on behalf of a customer. The relevant courier service provides all the export and import documents related to their customers without extra payments.

Moreover, Door to Door delivery include sending empty containers to the shipper for loading, providing insurance for cargos, and all the necessary documents for export or imports, land and rail cargo delivering connecting sea and air freights, accepting cargo at airports and delivering to relevant destinations, and clearance of shipments at Customs and reaching the last mile destinations. Door to Door services carry out not only small shipments but also delivery of heavy machineries, equipment, and industrial workshops etc.

In Sri Lanka, is one of the most sought after Door to Door service providers. Their clients include small, medium, and large companies, prominent individuals and online shops. Intermediary services such as providing all the export and import documentations, arranging shipments with airlines and shipping lines, providing warehouse facilities, storing, labeling, sorting and delivering to airports and harbours are other specialized services of

The warehousing of is unique. They employ the latest techniques of warehousing including temperature and heat controlling systems. Automated pickup, sorting and packing tasks of are indeed special aspects that someone rarely finds in any other courier services in Sri Lanka. Chain supplement services of accept large day to day goods transportation on behalf of their clients from factory sites to warehouses and to airports and sea ports.

With the Door to Door Service, their customers do not have to worry about necessary arrangements of shipping and deliveries since carries out A to Z of the process. They have close relationships with international courier services, shipping lines and airlines. Therefore, they can arrange freight spaces, air courier agents, customs brokers etc., and deliver shipments to required destination on time.

The Door to Door services include delivering consumer goods to factory restrooms, kitchens and similar locations in short and long term basis. Business can make an agreement with to receive such consumer goods monthly or under prearranged time frames. By entering E-Commerce network of, seekers of Door to Door services can contact representatives. They also can make orders via the network. Upon making an order, staff will arrive at the informed locations with necessary vehicles and equipment.

Meanwhile, customers can know about the destination of representatives who carry out door to door services on their behalf via tracking and tracing options on the E-Commerce platform. In fact, Door to Door service offer excellent packages for importing and exporting, online shop and business delivering such as documents, parcels, packages and even large consignments that include heavy machineries, furniture and even home appliances.

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