Easy shipping / Fast Shipping Service in Sri Lanka and to other countries

One area that individuals and any size of company face a series of challenges is shipping their products, goods, and other important documents. Because of the lengthy procedure and a high range authorizations needed for shipping some items, a large number of companies get frustrated in doing businesses. However, many companies outsource their shipping tasks to an Easy shipping / Fast Shipping Service and focus entirely on managing and production of their businesses. In this way, they handle their Outbound, Inbound, Heavy Weight, Domestic courier issues very well and with low cost.

Courier companies can handle any size of shipments very fast. Because they are specialists in the field, they know about every segment of shipping and authorities, agencies and officials in the field. Therefore, they are able to provide Easy shipping/Fast Shipping Service for their clients. Most of the reputable courier services have close trade relationships with international courier services. A few of these international courier services are UPS, DHL, TNT, and FedEx.

Reputable courier services are specialized in obtaining Air Waybills (AWBs) favourable to their clients. They assess Duties and Taxes related to small or large shipments and Bill of Lading. Some items need Bonded Warehouse facilities until they reach Customs point. In this area, too, prestigious courier services can handle effectively on behalf of their clients. In addition, such expert courier services present Certificate of Origins agreeable with Free Trade Zones in most of the countries.

Moreover, recognized Courier Services prepare Commercial Invoices (CIs) which are vital for smooth export and import shipment to take place. They know about the procedure of Cost and Freight (C&F), Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) and Customs Declarations. Customs Invoices, Customs Self Assessment (CSA), Export Permits, Export Quotas, etc., are subjects of a courier services that timely assessments and preparations of these tasks for their customers make their shipping needs entirely successful.

Easy shipping / Fast Shipping Service must know pros and cons of Prior Notices (PNs) and Pro Forma Invoice which is a letter that the exporter should forward to the buyer/s informing them what items are with the shipments and their values as well as any other key information. They must be expert in understanding Tariff issues and Value Added Taxes. Therefore, to make an Easy shipping / Fast Shipping Service, it is important to be an expert in every aspect of shipping and its stakeholders domestically and internationally.

GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited is well-known in Sri Lanka and abroad for their magnificent services in many fields. They established Courier.lk sometimes back to address the burning issues of shipping that many companies and individuals face when they need to export and import. Today, Courier.lk is one of the most sought after Easy shipping/Fast shipping services in Sri Lanka. They provide solutions for every issue of shipping related matters for their clients which are in hundreds at present.

For achieving this purpose, Courier.lk prepare and obtain all Export Documents on behalf of their clients. They deal with Customs officials through their Customs brokers. Preparing and analyzing Commercial Invoices, Customs Self Assessments, Pro Performa Invoices are subjects that Courier.lk easily can meet on behalf of their customers. Since they can prepare or handle every essential document in Shipping irrespective of whether it is import or export, they has made the concept of Easy shipping / Fast Shipping a reality by now.

Warehouses of Courier.lk are plus factors that their customers enjoy very much. They can send directly goods from their production line to Courier.lk warehouses. Courier.lk maintain and manage them to the highest expectation of their clients. From transporting, sorting, packing, labeling, storing, delivering to shipping, they take care of every aspect of production aftermath. Since they have strong links with international courier services, they can reserve enough spaces on board of airlines, shipping lines and handle land freights until they reach to the assigned destinations on time.

Providing Easy shipping / Fast Shipping Service include highly responsible areas that only experienced courier services such as Courier.lk can handle. They have qualified human resources, the latest machineries, up to date logistics, and international tracking and tracing services to backup any size of shipping consignment within any given time. Customers can order for Courier.lk services by being in the comfort of their offices or residences through Courier.lk E-Commerce network.

Courier.lk facilitate through their worldwide E-Commerce network 95 per cent of tasks related to shipping for their customers. They can track and trace their shipments and order Courier.lk services as well as get information on any courier issues via Courier.lk E-Commerce platforms. Courier.lk send skilled employees to any domestic destination with a minute notice they receive through their E-Commerce network. In fact, with Coruier.lk, shipping is easier being done than talked about it.

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