E-Commerce delivery in Sri Lanka: What you should know

With the rapid advancement of Information Technology (IT), E-Commerce delivery services in Sri Lanka have bloomed very much. Another factor that contributes to their remarkable progress is country’s high penetration of mobile phones. The statistics in the field show that every citizen in Sri Lanka owns one or two mobiles and that the number of smart phones in Sri Lanka now has gone over its population. In this backdrop, E-Commerce delivery services enjoy very much exposure in Sri Lanka as they connect local and international markets to everyone’s doorstep.

In fact, Sri Lankan E-Commerce delivery services now provide medicines, household items, clothes, toys, numerous raw materials, construction items, small or large machineries, travel facilities, education, doctors and many more very fast for highly affordable costs. Being in the comfort of your home, you can order anything you want via a Sri Lankan E Commerce delivery service irrespective of whether you are here in Sri Lanka or abroad.

Sri Lankans now seek services of E-Commerce services because they are highly affordable when compared to physical delivery services. Besides, they offer variety of discounts while providing high quality services and goods. For the delivery of or receiving, Sri Lankan E-Commerce services offer various high quality, fast solution.

Many reputable Sri Lankan E-Commerce delivery services provide a range of solutions in this regard. They include ‘a fix date delivery’, ‘collect at your local store’, ‘Next day delivery’, ‘same day delivery’, ‘two hour delivery’ etc. However, most popular one among them is a fix-date delivery service. On the other hand, not all the Sri Lankan E-Commerce delivery services are capable of providing fast courier service such as Same Day Delivery. They lack resources like warehouses, enough stocks, skilled labourers, fast vehicles, updated logistics, and affiliated services so as to hang on in the courier market.

But E-Commerce based Sri Lankan delivery companies such as the Parcel.lk and Courier.lk are quite capable of offering quick, quality, and affordable delivery services. They boast large net of physical and cloud retail hubs, air and sea freights services in Sri Lanka and abroad. Their frequently updated logistics solve practical problems from the level of ordering to delivering and in between via tracking options for clients to know the status of their deliveries round the clock.

They connect with clients through numerous IT based formats such as XML, CSV, FTP, SFTP, HTTP EDI X 12 and CSV, and normal email. From order level, delivery level, item by item and to invoice level, clients can know the status of their deliveries if they seek service of a reputable E-Commerce Delivery company in Sri Lanka. The number of clients and businesses who seek E-Commerce delivery services now increasing since they can save time and increase productivity.

On the other hand, local E-Commerce delivery services now have joined international E-Commerce courier services such as Ebay and Amazons. Therefore, such Sri Lankan E-Commerce companies are able to provide faster services than their counterparts. These reputable companies regularly focus on more sophisticated systems to fulfill their services during their last mile delivery. They provide doorstep delivery, at the nearest shop delivery, low cost last mile delivery methods and so on to make their services fast and convenient for their clients.

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