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Baggage Shipping

           Worldwide Excess Baggage Shipping in Sri Lanka at extremely cheap rates

Travelling is one of the most interesting and adventurous activities you can do… Imagine the places, the scenes, the excitement. But we know it is not always this way.. You have to wait in long lines, constantly try to keep your baggage wait down thus having to leave a lot of the things behind. Things you would not hesitate to bring with you if you could….

Sadly, the high costs on excess luggage has left you with little or no choice to make hard decisions on what to leave behind . This is where we come in.  is equipped to send your excess baggage to any location in the world at a significantly reduced rate whilst ensuring its safety.

Are you leaving to Study abroad and is feeling too bad about leaving all those childhood memoirs behind? Has your mother packed a huge amount of luggage? Do not worry, we deal with these everyday.. Just call us up and we will pick up the excess and send to wherever you want in the world.

Are you going abroad and thinking of bringing back some more luggage with you ? Call us on advance and we will arrange for your excess luggage to be delivered to Sri Lanka in collaboration with our global partners.

Are you going on a short vacation abroad, perhaps visiting your relatives and want to take some goods to them but you slightly go over the luggage limit? Never worry in these situations, once you call us up you will know we will not only have a solution for you and just you but also we will accommodate your requests  all the way..