Excess Baggage Service (Luggage Services)

You may run into occasions where you need an Excess Baggage Service (Luggage Services) more than you think possible to take place. Consider the high number of people who face severe hassles at Airports. Seaports, Railway Stations, and other land security points. More often, all these hassles they face because of their excess baggage/luggage. Now you can understand how important is receiving support and advices of an Excess Baggage Service (Luggage Services) for you to engage in an enjoyable, riskless trip overseas or even to a distant places in your native country.

People have to take excess baggage/luggage when they go overseas for vacations, employments, business trips, study purposes and so on. Apart from a small hold-on which they carry, they have to take their laptops, computers, important documents, bikes, home appliances and even their pets. Airlines and shipping lines charge extra for excess luggage/baggage and at Customs, travellers cannot retrieve them so easily from such places.

In this backdrop, Excess Baggage Service /Luggage Services that courier services provide for people simply refraining them from such huge burdens. You just have to email or call such a courier service and their representatives will arrive at the location within hours and pick up your excess luggage for shipping or airlifting to the other location that you need them to be sent.

Most of the courier services provide Excess Baggage Service (Luggage Services) globally while some others provide theirs to a limited number of countries or only internally. Upon receiving a call or email from you, some courier services provide you with appropriate boxes – standard or large or extra large – according to your order within minutes depending on where you live. Thereafter, you can pack your belongings that you need to take for journey. With the scheduled time, the courier service will send the van and take care of all other requirements of sending them to the required locations.

Reputable Excess Baggage Service (Luggage Services) even send staff to pack on your behalf with all the tools, equipment etc., needed to carry out the task. They will complete all the customs papers and other necessary documents for sending them to other locations. You just have to make a call or sent an email and start your trip keeping the necessary baggage to be sent with the selected courier service.

Courier.lk based in Sri Lanka provides Excess Baggage Service (Luggage Services) covering the entire Island and most of the countries. They supply boxes for packing excess baggage/luggage including bikes, skis and such large items as well. They provide Door-to-Door as well as Door-to-Depot excess baggage services according to order requirements. When packing, you ought to comply with regulations of airlines and shipping lines. The maximum weight that most of the airlines allow people to carry is 30KG.

When you pack excess baggage/luggage to send to countries like Australia, New Zealand, you ought to clean thoroughly the items such as boots, sports items, camping equipment since Customs quarantine departments of these countries will check them. Courier.lk provides insurance facilities for your valuable items and for all the baggage/luggage, so you can engage in your trip without extra burdens in your mind. 

With Courier.lk excess baggage services/luggage services, you simply have to pack your baggage just like you carry them to the airport. Courier.lk takes care of every other necessary step in sending them to the location you need. However, bike and skis, sports items such as Golf gears, bindings and boots must be in appropriate bags. However, Courier.lk even makes you free of the such burdens and pack them on your behalf.

Moreover, Courier.lk provides excess baggage services for all types of items. They include even strollers, cribs, bikes, tradeshow materials, presentations, and every type of bulky items. But you cannot send restricted commodities such as alcohols, medicines, toilet liquids such as aerosols, hairsprays, colognes, perfumes, explosives, etc. Courier.lk cordial staff will provide you with necessary description about restricted items any time round the clock. 

Once you handover your excess luggage/baggage to Courier.lk, you can trace and track them with the registration number which you will get from Courier.lk. If you do not have time to track/trace, Courier.lk will send you details of your shipment/s or air cargo/s to your chosen channel such as email, mobile, or land phones. Courier.lk E Commerce network is constant and provide custom care services round the clock where you get information regarding your excess baggage and other related details.

The Excess Baggage Service (Luggage Services) of Courier.lk is specialized in every aspect of shipping, air cargos and land transportations. They have strong links with international courier services such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT. You can ready for your vacation abroad or in Sri Lanka without any worry by entrusting your excess baggage/luggage to Courier.lk. With them looking after your baggage/luggage, when you return or arrive, you will see them at your doorstep or wherever you need them to be, on time.

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