Freight Forwarder in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka now boasts a considerable number of Freight Forwarders. Being in a highly complex and amazingly automated business segments in Sri Lanka, a very few of them have succeeded in keeping their heads above others. These few Freight Forwarder companies in Sri Lanka constantly standardize and automate their business activities. They have employed cream of the workforce in Freight Forwarding in Sri Lanka as well.

One of the highly recognized Freight Forwarders among them is Headquartered in Wellawatte, has established many branches throughout the island. They are one of the most sought after Freight Forwarders by even international conglomerates for freight forwarding and for receiving other courier services such as warehousing, land freight transportation, etc.

Even though a Freight Forwarder in Sri Lanka engages in arranging shipments, carries out many more services. But their main business is carrying out shipments on behalf of their clients. They manage and forward shipments to many of global destination such as the USA, the UK, the Middle East Countries, Australia, Germany, and Italy, to name a few.

Via shipping agreements with major international shipping line, has become a giant in the field. They have capacity to arrange shipments of any kind and any bulk, be it fashion items, groceries, dairy products, meat, and so on. Qualified staff at the is experts at preparing every document needed for shipments forwarding to any country and storing, packing, labelling, distribution, etc., of goods in time for shipments.

Other than being highly efficient Freight Forwarder in Sri Lanka, also offer a plethora of other services. Some of them are land transportation, air cargo forwarding, providing warehouse facilities, consultations and staff. In addition, deliver goods on behalf of web marketing sites, collect cheques, create advertisements, engage in digital storing, and inventory handling matters as well. warehousing facilities exhibit the unlimited capability of modern automated storage system to unload, sort, pack, label, store, pick up, and load within minutes. They have state of the art cooling and temperature controlled system. Therefore, hundreds of businesses now seek warehousing facilities of to store their perishable items.

The No 1 Freight Forwarder in Sri Lanka,, has highly effective links with international careers and courier services. Some of them are DHL, Aramax, TNT, FedEx, SkyNet, and TOLL. They flourish strong links with SriLankan Airlines, and airlines of other major countries such as the USA, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, and Japan. Therefore, is capable of arranging Freight Forwarding in Air, Sea or Land for any size of bulk within a short notice.

Moreover, provides the latest system for their clients to track their parcels, shipments, air cargo and land cargo round the clock via their E-commerce platform. Their customer care service is open round the clock every day of the year. Customers can place orders, inquire business related matters and receive business consultation through E-commerce platform. In fact, they are now the No. 1 in Sri Lanka. 

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