Frequently asked questions –

# How can I place an order with Courier.lk ?

Simply call us up on one of our hotlines on +94 114 654 444/ +94 112 360 926

# How long does a normal delivery take?

This is dependent on the type of service you choose and the destination. Normally any good will be delivered within 21 working days.

# Can I place an order after hours?

With us there are no after hours. Our hotlines are open 24 hours a day and throughout 365 days of the year

# What is Import Express?

Import express is one of the key services by Courier.lk. If you want goods imported from other countries urgently we will facilitate this. This is ideal for persons buying online goods.

# Are my Goods insured?

Yes. Courier.lk insures any goods that is sent through us and the amounts vary depending on the value of the goods. Please contact us to know the exact values.

# How do I Pay?

We offer both cash payments and paying via cards. Although in domestic deliveries paying via cards will not be applicable in some areas. Please refer to our individual location pages for more information.

# Can My package get lost?

NO. Our agents are highly experienced in  handling goods and as such there is no risk of misplacement. Verification of signatures will be obtained to verify safe delivery. Additionally our tracking tools will always allow you to track the goods.

# Is there limits to what you will transport?

As a general rule we are able to facilitate transport of any goods however, we do not undertake any goods which may violate custom regulations in certain countries. Please refer to our county guides to learn about prohibited items