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International Courier is an International Courier Service Provider based in Sri Lanka. They are committed to carry out courier requirements such as Sample and Commercial Shipments, Import and Export Shipments to any destination in the world on time. Their courier services are highly affordable and they meet global standards of delivery services without delaying the time factor of shipments and without spoiling their quality requirements.


With International Courier Service, customers can monitor their goods handed over to round the clock via its E-electronic Track and Trace System. They also can make orders, connect with Representatives, settle bills etc through E-Commerce Service International Courier Service. As per the customer requirements, International Courier Service provide many affordable options for customers such as Global Express, Shared Container Facilities, Door to Door delivering, from Stations to Home Deliveries and many such options.


International Courier Services require preparation of many documents, interconnection with local and foreign stakeholders in public and private sectors. They also require large warehouses which comprise modern systems such as electronic temperature controlling systems. comprises all these requirements. They are capable of transporting large consignments of goods from clients’ sites to their warehouses. Then they carry out sorting, packing, labeling, storing, picking up, delivering to harbours and airports until the goods are delivered to required destinations on time. World Express Service reaches virtually any destination of the world. When compared to other similar international courier services, World Express Service is highly affordable and extremely trustable. Since they have branches throughout Sri Lanka and links with most of the prestigious International Courier Services, they reach required destinations on time without harming the quality of goods, confidentiality of documents, parcels and packages, baggages that they undertook for delivering from one location to the next.

Shipping Countries

  • United Kingdom
    "Home of the Big Ben stands as a the proud embodiment of punctuality… And We strive to give the same value for you and your needs."   Sri Lanka and United Kingdom established its formal trade links when Sri Lanka was a British colony and the influence of the British can be seen even today ..
  • Australia
    We as your trusted courier partner is just a hop and a skip away.  Sri Lanka and Australia have a long running history of state level relationship starting with the establishment of a Sri Lankan High Commission in Australia soon after Sri lanka gained independence. In fact it was one of the ver..
  • Austria
    For us, our service is not just a service. It's our way of making art. Sri Lanka and Austria has a long history of diplomatic ties which can be traced back to 1959. Sri Lanka and Austria has entered into agreements in trade, Science and cultural over the years and Austria has invested heavily in Sri..
  • Bangladesh
    Sri Lanka and Bangladesh relations formally began in 1972 and in 1979 Sri Lanka set up its High Commission in Bangladesh. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are both very prominent members in regional organizations such as SAARC. Both countries have long held very close ties with signings of many bilateral ag..
  • Belgium
    Diplomatic relations between Belgium and Sri Lanka go as far back as 1959. However, Belgian priests and nuns played a vital role in Sri Lanka in 17th Century by engaging in teaching and other religious activities. Among recent activities there is a number of Agreements entered into ranging from Deve..
  • Brazil
    Bilateral diplomatic relation between Sri Lanka and Brazil initiated in 1960 and in 2001 Sri Lankan embassy in Brazil was opened. Brazil has been the first diplomatic posting by Sri Lanka to a South American country. Bilateral trade has been growing between the two countries surpassing the USD 137 m..
  • Canada
    "The Lakes, the mountains, the bears  are just obstacles overcome on our journey to deliver you a quality service. Sri Lanka and Canada has diplomatic ties going back several decades as founding members of the Commonwealth. Both countries share a history of being under the British empire. ..
  • China
    Sri Lanka was one of the first countries to recognize the People’s Republic of China. China and Sri Lanka both shares a deep history together and the relationship have fostered in recent years with many chinese investments making their way to Sri Lanka. China is perhaps the biggest development partn..
  • Costa Rica
     Costa Rica is located in Central America and is world famous for its jungles and exotic surfing hotspots. It's also well known for its famous Coffee products. Costa Rica is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. currently handles around Services Available ..