We as your trusted courier partner is just a hop and a skip away.  Sri Lanka and Australia have a long running history of state level relationship starting with the establishment of a Sri Lankan High Commission in Australia soon after Sri lanka gained independence. In fact it was one of the very first diplomatic missions established by Sri Lanka. Presently, Australia has become the second most popular tertiary study location by sri Lankan students studying abroad as well currently the home to one of the biggest Sri Lankans communities outside of Sri Lanka. currently exports over 250 Kg

Services Available currently covers the entirety of Australia in collaboration with our global partners. We aim to serve your every courier need  with the highest priority and efficiency.

Door to Door Delivery 

Our expanded reach across Australia allows us to make door to deliveries with ease to any location in Australia.  We will do the heavy lifting for you ensuring elimination of tedious processes of collecting deliveries. Deliveries can be arranged to suit any time you need adding the personal ease to our services.

Collection Point Delivery 

Our Collection points serves both as a holding facility as well as a delivery station. If you prefer to collect your parcels minimizing any conflicts with your busy schedules this is the tailor made solution for you. For we will ensure your goods are safe under our close eyes until they are collected . We pride ourselves in providing a world class service and our collection points stand as the proud monument of that.

Pick Up Services

Our pick up services are available for you to ease the burden of going through arduous processes or go out of your way to send any parcels. Our Pick up service ensures that your goods are packaged the proper way our years of experience guarantee that the hassle you face will be minimal . And with our online tracking tools you will always be able to keep a close watch on your deliveries.

Import Duties and Fees –

·         Import duties are calculated on FOB ( Free on Board) which means import duty is exclusively dependent on the value of the goods
·         However in addition to duty imports are subjected to other taxes such as Sales Tax (GST) and Customs Duty.
·         Duty rates in Australia fluctuate between 0% and 10% the average being 4.6%.
·         GST is set at 10% of the Value of the Taxable Importation (VoTI), which is the sum of the customs value (CV), any duty payable, the cost of freight and insurance, and any Wine Equalization Tax (if applicable).
·         Imports which does not exceed or is lower than AU$ 1000 are exempt from Duty, GST and import processing charges.
·         Import processing charge will be applicable on all imports where the value of the goods is higher than AU$ 1,000. (the exact amounts will be based on mode of entry and type of import declaration) 
·         Wine Equalization Tax (WET) is a 29% levy on wines and other alcoholic beverages.


A number of goods are exempted from customs duties and VAT. Below are some of the applied exemptions:
·         Goods addressed to government or semi-government agencies
·         Diplomatic goods
·         Used personal effect

Prohibited goods

·         Publications that are offensive
·         Dairy Products
·         Live Plants
·         Uncanned Meat Products
·         Refrigerators, air conditioning units, motor vehicles or any equipment containing CFCs or Hydro Chlorofluorocarbons
·         Narcotics and drugs
·         Counterfeit goods
·         Human remains, including ashes


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  2. Australia Customs HS Code
  3. Customs Terminologies