“The Lakes, the mountains, the bears  are just obstacles overcome on our journey to deliver you a quality service. Sri Lanka and Canada has diplomatic ties going back several decades as founding members of the Commonwealth. Both countries share a history of being under the British empire. As opf present Canada has a large expatriate Sri Lankan Community and the Canadian government has many contributed to many development projects in Sri Lanka since 1968.  Canada is a major exporter of Wheat to Sri Lanka. currently handles around …… weight of goods to Canada   

Services Available covers the entirety of Canada and we have a solution for all and any of your courier needs.

We have many personalized solutions for you to choose and our team of experts will be there to assist you every step of the way. Our global partners include DHL, ARAMEX, FEDEX, UPS and TOLL and via them we guarantee global standards.

Door to Door Delivery specializes on door to delivery ensuring minimum hassle for consumers. We deliver regardless of weather, time or distance and our insurance policies cover your goods until you get your hands on it. Furthermore, if you miss a delivery drop off time we try again 2 more times without any charge on your side. 

Collection Point Delivery 

Our Collection points operate as a centers for ease of access and safe storage. We facilitate delivery drop off to Collection points to allow the customer to come and pick them at a time of your convenience. This service is especially valuable as it guarantees the safety of your delivery until it is in the hands of the recipient.

Pick Up services

Do you want to send something, but in a rush to go somewhere and don’t have time time to do everything?  then look no more than us. We will come and handle all your courier needs and we are just one call away. Our experts will guide you to ensure your parcels are handled with the utmost efficiency and safety.

Import Duties and Fees

·         Import duties are calculated on FOB ( Free on Board) which means import duty is exclusively dependent on the value of the goods
·         However, in addition to duty, goods maybe subject to other taxes such as General Sales tax (GST) or a Provincial Sales Tax (PST) or even a combination of both.
·         Sales taxes are derived based on the sum of the value of goods, the duty and any excise duty if applicable
·         The amount of duty and taxes depend on the location of the receiving party and not where the goods enter into Canada
·         Duty rates in Canada fluctuate between 0% and 35% and the average is around 8.56%. However many goods such as certain electronic goods are not subject to duty.
·         If the FOB value does not exceed (value of the goods excluding shipping and insurance) CA$20.00 duty and other taxes are not charged.
·         Excise duty is applicable on alcohol and tobacco products based on FOB as well as for quantity measurements

Preferential Duty rates

·         Canada, is in partnership with many countries on Free trade agreements. Goods must be met with criteria set in these Free trade agreements (FTA) to receive preferential treatment.

Prohibited Goods

·         Firearms and weapons
·         Food, plants, animals and related products
·         Explosives,Fireworks and ammunition
·         Certain Consumer Products*


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2.    Canada Customs HS Codes
3.    Customs Terminologies