Messenger Service / Specialist Delivery / One Man Delivery in Sri Lanka and Abroad

Amongst dozens of services of courier services, Messenger Service/Specialist Delivery/One Man Delivery options are in high demand. These courier services are more often express, and they reach required destinations very fast. Therefore, millions of companies around the world seek quick delivery services from courier companies which they can receive with affordable prices. Even though most Messenger service providers operate within a limited area, some operate worldwide via sea, air, rail, and land routes.

Messenger Service/Specialist Delivery/One Man Delivery services of Courier Services worldwide use different methods according to the type of the message, its size and required destination. They include courier on foot, messengers on bike, Van deliveries and Truck Deliveries. They also select option like Air Courier, on-site delivery options and fully bonded messengers. For urgent land messages, bike messengers are most effective. They collect the message at door step of customers and deliver them within hours to any destination in the country.

Foot messenger services too are very fast. They use public rail or bus transport or any other method and reach the required destinations within very short period of time. This type of messenger services is popular among small and medium companies and online shops. By hiring a reputable, reliable courier services, a company can get the service of a foot messenger or bike messenger to carry out their day to day important messages.

Courier Services also provide Specialist Delivery services. Individuals or businesses seek Specialist Delivery services of courier companies to carry out their special tasks. They may be a delivery of a legal document/s, urgent invitations, or sending medications etc. More often One Man Delivery options are suitable for such errands. One man delivery may be by vehicles, foot, or motorbike. One man messenger may be an air courier as well. One man services are very affordable when compared with other type of delivery options.

One of the well-known courier companies in Sri Lanka provides Messenger Service/Specialist Delivery/One Man Delivery for hundreds of small/medium/large companies and thousands of individuals. They arrange bespoken messenger services for customers within a short notice. The customers can reach thorough their E-Commerce network. carries out messenger services very fast since they have dozens of branches throughout the island. All these branches are in a network which covers the island and many foreign countries including Middle East countries.

The messenger service options of include one hour delivery, same day delivery, door to door delivery, airport to airport delivery, Cash in Advance delivery, Cash after the delivery and many more. The plus point with is that all these delivery options are traceable through their E-Commerce network by customers round the clock. They just have to enter their ID on the relevant field of the E-Commerce network and provide the number given to them with the delivery order to know about the latest situation of their deliveries with

The Specialist Delivery service of handles important deliveries on behalf of their customers. Many customers choose this option to send special items such as hazardous items, animals, temperature sensitive items and crucial documents and parcels, to name a few. provides the latest technologies to protect, preserve, and deliver such items to required destination on time. provides warehousing facilities to specialist delivery needs of their customers and send them very fast to wherever the customers expect on time.

Moreover, Messenger service / Specialist Delivery/ One Man Delivery services prepare or obtain all the necessary documents and certificates from relevant authorities in Sri Lanka and abroad on behalf of their customers. They handle Customs barriers skillfully. Delivering Excess luggage and baggage on behalf of travelers is another specialized aspect of Their One Man Delivery service is another highly popular courier option among online shops.

From sending a message to a nearby location to arranging shipments to faraway country is simple with Since they possess lifelong experience of courier services, they can handle every aspect of Messenger service / Specialist Delivery/ One Man Delivery options effectively for affordable prices. They carry out the entire courier services of companies and individuals and management of storing and delivering on behalf of their clients. They are specialists in import and exports and land freight issues and in providing solutions to those issues very fast. 

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