Air Cargo Sri Lanka

You’re lucky you are in Sri Lanka!

Know why? Because the positioning of the island is just perfect for accessing a multitude of delivery routes not to mention the fact that it has close proximity to many global partners that are used for the process.

The process of handling air cargo is one that is long and complicated and should therefore only be taken on by those who have the right expertise. brings you years of expertise and skill. We prepare the documents needed, reserving air spaces with some of the leading air and shipping lines and land cargos.

Our round the clock customer care and guaranteed fast and accurate delivery that you can also complete keep tracking from beginning to end will help you send your packages without any of the usual hassle and time consuming processes.

Sri Lankan cargo 

We excel where time matters.

Time is one of the main factors that can determine how happy you are with your delivery. The best way to go about this is through air freight. With the efficiency of our global network of trusted partners we are able to take your goods to the destination you choose in just days, with high levels of security. You also do not have to worry about the clearing of your packages either.

Sri Lankan cargo, our partner only charges one dollar per kilo and is the trusted and reputed method of sending your goods from the Middle East to Sri Lanka.

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