Customs Clearance Sri Lanka

What is customs clearance and how can it be made easy?

Customs clearance in general refers to passing goods through customs so that they can either come in to or leave a country. While this sounds really straight forward and simple, it is actually quite tedious and time consuming. Customs clearance takes up a lot of paperwork and submission of documents. There are also aspects like representing the client during the customs examination, assessment and the payment of duty. In addition to this the delivery will have to be carried on after they are released from the customs. That’s a lot of work right? That’s exactly where we come in.

We have extensive knowledge and expertise in managing the customs clearance process in Sri Lanka. What we do is crucial to your goods being moved along efficiently through the customs and reaching your destination. With our global partners like DHL that process several million customs clearance processes around the world on a daily basis, we are never behind on time or on quality service. We even check the paperwork thoroughly to make sure that your delivery is a success.

We can offer you insight and services on a wide range of areas such as import, export and high value clearances, authorization of clearance, bonded storage, tariff quotas, classification of goods, bonded transit and disbursements. All your paperwork and packing will also be guided by us and you will be able to keep track of your packages online until they are delivered.