DHL Authorized Reseller

Save money on international shipping with the best prides itself on working with DHL Express, the world’s biggest logistics provider. Our partnership with DHL Express has given us the ability to bring you excellent customer service, the best value and of course simple and easy to use technology that has simplified the otherwise complicated, expensive and time-consuming process of international delivery significantly.

Not only are our services available to individuals but also to e-commerce solutions, SMB and enterprise customers as well.

So what else can you expect from our service?

We offer you time definite, doorstep delivery that includes custom clearance. The deliveries will happen throughout the day at 9am, 10.30am, 12 noon or at the end of the day. Knowing the exact time of your delivery means that you are able to either stay home or make arrangements for the right delivery time so that you do not have to miss your package coming in.

In addition to this, we also take away all the stress of custom clearance from you by handling the paperwork ourselves. Up to 90% of the filing will be already completed while your package is still in the air and we take care of everything from duties and taxes, carnets, assistance with clearing and adhering to country specific regulations, import bonds, FDA to USDA.

With the skill and commitment of meeting DHL’s veteran expertise and reputation we offer you the best in class shipping platform with incredible cost reductions, even for small parcels that you would need to send. We also combine both the facilities of with the global facilities of DHL Express to build a network that is failsafe and resilient so our customers can have the best experience.

We work all day, every day and also offer you complete online tracking that you can use to keep an eye out for the progress of your delivery. If you have any concerns or inquiries, our customer service is available at any time to clear them up for you.