DHL Discounted Delivery

DHL Express is a pioneer in international shipping and courier delivery services and a partner of With over 45 years of expertise DHL’s global network that spans for over 220 countries and territories have enabled fast and accurate delivery to their customers.

DHL and work together to bring you the best discounted rates that we can so that your international deliveries are affordable and reliable. Our collaboration has made shipping easier, faster and cheaper than ever before.

DHL Sri Lanka Charges

Delivery is great with special discounts.

The charges for your package that will be shipped from Sri Lanka will depend to a great extent on the weight of your goods and the area to where you want it delivered to. In addition to this, if you choose express delivery or another special service, the charges will differ according to that service.

However the goal of has and will always be to make sure that you do not need to pay hefty bills to get your care packages, sensitive documents or other goods shipped across borders which is why DHL offers you special discounted rates for Sri Lanka now, that you can make use of.

You also have the facility to simply make the payment online with your credit card so that you do not have to travel or carry cash on you when you pay for your delivery or shipping.

Want to get a quote? Call our team today and let us know what your requirement is and we will get you the best discounted DHL rates in minutes.