Express Mail Service (EMS) Sri Lanka

All you want, is for your packages and parcels to be delivered on time and in original condition, right?

Whether you are mailing letters, goods or anything in between, this is the real bottom line and it’s also the biggest pet peeve that many customers have. Express Mail Service or EMS offers cost effective and customized solutions for both domestic and international distributions through a range of highly effective and efficient services that will give you service minus all the stress.

The service allows all customers to easily benefit from speedy and safe hand delivering of their parcels and packages to any destination they require at the correct price. There is no compromise to the level of service no matter where the destination is. The shipment tracking tool that is available online, also provides assurance to customers to know about the real time logistics of the goods.

EMS also brings you direct global posting options that gives you a ‘local feel’ no matter where you are mailing your packages to. An impressively extensive fleet that comprises of over 360 vehicles all over the United Kingdom also means that you tend to save money and get reliable delivery.

One of the main roles of the task force at EMS is to provide an item monitoring and performance analysis. Members will receive EMS delivery performance reports on their inbound, outbound, export, transport and delivery traffic.