Large Parcel Delivery

Sending large and heavy packages can seem challenging, but challenges are what we do best!

We can handle your packages with care and adherence to standards and still provide you with a service that is flexible and thinks about what you want. You will also always be kept in the loop, because you can track your delivery status from beginning to end online.

We generally have no limit on multiple consignments and if you want to know how much you can send in one go, please ask our team who will take you through all the details you need in just minutes.

We also have collection and drop off services on our large parcel delivery. We can come and collect the parcel either from your home or work place. You can carry out the transaction online and choose to drop off the parcels yourself at a local branch that is nearest to you as well.

Our transport networks are ready to deliver your goods right to your doorstep. Our team can give you a quote online within minutes and you can simply hand over the packages to us and relax knowing that they will be delivered safely. You also can save at least up to 60% of the costs that you would otherwise have to bear handling this process on your own.

Want to know how much your delivery can be arranged for? Call us today and find out.