Packing Solutions

We have many packing solutions for you to choose from. All our packing goods are produced adhering to the global standards and to be used for international transport. Therefore it is of the highest quality and yet our products are very reasonably priced. packing store is where you will see quality meet cost effectiveness.

Make sure your packages get delivered in original condition.

No matter what, your packaging will determine the condition of your goods and documents upon reaching the destination. You have to keep in mind that while we take care to handle every single package with the utmost care, the journey is a rather long one depending upon where you are sending your goods and documents to. Our packaging solutions give you the best options to choose from based upon your requirement.

For maximum safety

We recommend using our specially designed heavy duty cardboard boxes in order to maintain maximum safety of your parcels. They are available in a large range of sizes and are suitable for loads of up to 30kg.  If you have any large orders that needs a packaging solution, let us know and we will facilitate it for you.

Shock absorbing bubble wrap

If you are transporting anything that is fragile we recommend that you use our bubble wrap packaging solutions. Because bubble wrap is available with us in varied lengths and widths you could easily pack your goods no matter how big or small they are.

Little accessories that go a long way

 We’ve got a one stop shop!!!

You can now buy all of your packing requirements like tape options and other accessories from us so that you can wrap up your delivery just right before you hand it over. What’s more? We can even guide you on what will suit your delivery the best when you buy your packaging accessories with us.

Customized cases and crates  

We know how important it is to add that little bit of personal touch to your care packages which is why we now have custom designed crates and cases that cater to a variety of requirements. Our hotline is open around the clock for any inquiries if you are unsure about how this would work for your requirement.

Sturdy wooden boxes

Want to make sure your goods are extra safe? Go old school and choose wooden boxes.

Our expert team are available all day every day to let you know which size would suit you packaging needs the best and we are also ready to facilitate any large orders that you may need wooden box packing for.

Adding identity to your goods

Our customized labels and printed stickers are a great way to make sure that your goods are identifiable in a minute. Besides, with us doing all the printing you do not even have to worry about buying the right labels or printing stickers. All you need to do is simply let us know and we will facilitate it for you.

Deliver your documents safely

Sometimes delivering documents is the hardest part, just because they are so easily damaged. Our padded envelopes are designed to make sure that your sensitive and important documents are not compromised in any way.

Styrofoam packaging

Looking for something that is lightweight and affordable? Styrofoam packing is your answer.

We’ve got loads of options with Styrofoam packaging including a really versatile range of shapes and sizes. Simply ask us for more details and we will get back to you with the best option for the safety of your goods.