Packaging Solutions as the expert in courier industry now offer many packaging solutions for you to choose from. Our expert staff will help you choose the best and cost effective options that best fit your needs

All our packaging solution are available for ordering 24 hours a day. Please refer to our packaging advise page for more information.

Heavy Duty Cardboard boxes

  Specially designed cardboard boxes to ensure maximum robustness and safety

  Various sizes available

  Suitable for loads up to 30kg

  Large orders are also facilitated

  Bubble Wrap

  Available in various lengths and widths

  Option to choose from small or large bubble wrap

  Large orders are also facilitated

  Tapes and accessories

  Buy all you tape and accessories from our one stop shop

  Various selection options for tape and other accessories

 Tapes are available in multiple lengths and widths

  Bespoke Cases and Crates  

Tailor your cases or crates as suitable for your order

  24*7 hotline open for orders

  Make your order unique with that added personal touch

Wooden Boxes

Classic and sturdy solution for transport of all your goods

Available to choose from multiple sizes

Consult our expert staff to choose the best option

Large orders are also facilitated

  Printers and Labels

Customized  label printing

  Make your orders organized and instantly recognizable

  Do away with all the hassle of printing with our services

 Large orders are also facilitated

Padded Envelopes

Rigifoam packaging solutions

Choose from our many sizes and lengths
Cost effective option for many packaging needs

Large orders are also facilitated