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Import Service



Logistics plays a huge role in defining a success in the modern world. Especially if you are importing goods from other countries. Importing can be a huge hassle for many people. As it involves many customs regulations, dealing with cross border institutions and foreign government entities, Shipping companies,  Insurers perhaps even banks. Now all this is as you may well have experience is very time consuming and causes huge delays which in turn affect your day to day lifeā€¦


Well not anymore, is proud to announce its Import express service which extends to Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland.  We guarantee that our import express service will do away with all the hassle. The only two things you will do is placing the order and collecting it on the exact time and day you wanted it.

We provide one stop solutions to all your import needs as our insurance and service standards will ensure your imports are treated with the highest priority and care. Furthermore, our expert team will take care of all dealings the custom regulations and international carriers freeing you of all the hassle.

We provide many flexible options for you to choose from especially with regards to any time specifications. Call us up anytime of the day for more information on this or lodge an inquiry and let us get back to you.