Perishable and Food delivery in Sri Lanka

Food delivery in Sri Lanka, especially perishable foods, is much better conditions today than in the past. But there are areas that must see the latest development in this field like in Western countries. However, most of the companies and State organizations in Sri Lanka which in the food industry now outsource Perishable and Food delivery in Sri Lanka. Therefore, delivery services in the island are now seeing much organized and improved scenario in the field.

It is a well-known fact that tonnes of food items are being delivered to and fro from various locations in the island every passing hour. However, a considerable portion of them are thrown away because of their poor conditions. The one and most recognized reason, among others, for such removals of food is unscientific delivery systems being used to transport them. Therefore, there is a great demand in the island for recognized and well accepted delivery services that use state of the art delivery systems to transport food items in Sri Lanka.

Reputable services in the island use state of the art delivery systems such as cold chain distribution. They include refrigerated compartments, docks; refrigerated zones in high numbers at warehouses, and temperature controlled trailers and vehicles. Normally, best distributors of food extend the same storing system that they use into the delivering duration as well. For example, it is recognized that a refrigerated four vehicles or even three wheels can be the same system that is in use in warehouses.

However, cooling or temperature control system integrated vehicles may have additional technologies. Even with such system, the safety and freshness of food items much depend on the way distributors pick up them, store them, label them, pack and deliver to the customers and the condition of the delivery system until they reach the consumers. On the other hand, consumers should pay special attention as well when they store so delivered food items in their refrigerators or dry places according to each product specifications.

One important and risk factor in Perishable and Food delivery in Sri Lanka is cold chain, and temperature management. When a trailer delivers refrigerated, dry items and frozen food items in different sections, managers must separate them with moveable materials giving freedom for ventilation. But this is not the case with poorly equipped courier services. The food items such as seafood, dairy products and meat have to be in temperature controlled vehicles when they are being delivered.

To keep healthy conditions of a warehouses and chain supply, first of all courier services must adhere to certain accepted standards in constructing and maintaining warehouses. They must have adequate space for refrigerated and dry food product storing, so they must be easily accessible for cleaning, insulating and controlling. Administration of such warehouses must not allow unauthorized persons to enter them. Adequate insect and contamination prevention methods should be implemented in warehouses as well as in chain supply system.

An ideal warehouse normally has three temperature controlled rooms: cool, frozen, and ambient. Of them cool area must be in a condition that protects food products such as meat, dairy products etc. There must be temperature monitoring systems at warehouses tracks and in supply chain vehicles. In this way, monitoring system will send a message if the temperature goes down below the expected condition. Automated pick up process should be integrated in such a way that does not damage small items by the pressure of the larger items.

All in all, perishable and food delivery in Sri Lanka should be in the hands of good management throughout the process. Therefore, when outsourcing food distribution, from farmers to large distributing firms, all should be very cautious. By choosing firms such as in Sri Lanka, they can assure customers that every food item they purchase is in good condition.

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