Postal Service / Post Service in Sri Lanka: How we can deliver?

Most of the countries maintain State postal services. However, a very few of them accept large scale deliveries. Therefore, many other government and private entities such as railways, airlines, shipping lines and freight services companies have established Postal Service/Post Service agencies. Unlike in the past, these modern postal services use the latest technologies. Therefore, their postal services are unbelievably swift. They also can reach any remote area of the world within the required time frame of the customers.

Moreover, people can place their orders with such postal services round the clock throughout the year. All most all the Postal Service/Post Service providers a maintain E-Commerce network. Some of them even cover the whole world. Therefore, customers who seek such a postal service for delivering their posts can know whereabouts of their posts as they reach the required destinations.

Moreover, modern postal services accept deliveries regardless their amounts, sizes, or destinations. They can deliver a large number of documents, parcels, goods, or huge stacks of documents. Since they have connection with international postal services, they can easily pass through customs security points. They can also secure enough spaces in airlines, land freight lines or on shipping lines. Therefore, timely delivery of posts is assured at most of the time.

Spurred by these plus points, in Sri Lanka, many contact a Postal Service/Post Service to send their urgent deliveries on time. In fact, a high number of companies and institutes send their documents, parcels and other important posts through reputable postal services. Within 24 hours, they can deliver such urgent posts from Colombo to any of the remote cities in the Island. In the Colombo city, a postal service is capable of delivering posts within hours.

Such a postal Service/Post Service provide customers with many service options. Some of them are ‘One hour delivery, Two hour delivery, One day delivery, 24 hour delivery, same day delivery, door to door delivery, and pickup delivery. They also provide special vehicles for preserving the quality of items, protect important documents and items, and so on. According to the requirements of the customers, they provide adequate security and technologies for their posts/goods/items until they reach the required destinations.

In this backdrop, is one of the few companies in Sri Lanka that provide an efficient Postal Service/Post Service throughout the country. Their postal services also cover many countries such as Australia, India, Pakistan, the US, UK, and the Middle East. Locally they cover every city and suburb. They have branches in the main cities of Maharagama, Hambantota, Vavuniya, Gampaha, Kurunegala, Polonnaruwa, Kandy, and Rajagiriya apart from their main officers at Pettah and Wellawatta.

The Postal Service/Post Service of is powered by their E-Commerce network. Customers can connect with any branches of through their E-Commerce platform. Upon sending an email or receiving a call from customers, will immediately send pickup services to the doorstep of customers. Within minutes, they are on the way towards the required destinations with the valuable items or important documents. Most of all, they assure the customers the delivery within the required timeframe. also offers sorting and packing services as they are part of the efficient Postal Service/Post Service. provide these services in short or long term basis. They also archive software documents and store hard documents and files of business entities. In this way, companies can retrieve their physical or software packed spaces for more valuable purposes. protect such documents and files as far as the customers need them and provides the relevant links to them to retrieve whatever items they need at any given time.

Therefore, sending urgent posts to any region of the country and abroad through has become a practice of hundreds of local companies today. They trust in based on their proven track record on fast and reliable services. Well supported by large scale, highly advanced E-Commerce network, is with customers throughout their each postal journey. Therefore, customers can instantly know the situation of their posts through the

All these high quality services are possible because operates a fleet of fast postal vehicles. They also employ motorbike riders to send urgent documents and parcels within minutes. They are committed to safeguard assignments that they are entrusted with to the entire satisfaction of everyone concerned. They know by heart that much is borne by posts. But, only if they reach the required destination on time.

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