Prepaid Service / Postpaid Delivery services – Cash or Card on Delivery or Pick Up

Availability of numerous payment options are part of present day marketing. Prepaid Service / Postpaid Delivery Services denote such payments plans. Under these payment options, most businesses provide their customers with reduction of prices, incentives, added values etc. Courier services too offer attractive payment options for their customers with which customers can benefit very much if they choose right payment systems.

With Prepaid Service of courier services, customers can have fixed low cost rate. In this way, they can save on regular rates as well. They can also enjoy both Domestic and International Delivery services under Prepaid delivery service. Most of Prepaid coupons offer valid period of 12 months. Using this method, customers can send shipments to various countries as per the Prepaid coupons they bought. Since the change of prices do not influence on prepaid coupons, customers do not have to pay additional increment throughout the year.

On the other hand, Postpaid Delivery Services receive money upon completing the delivery they undertake from their customers. In fact, Post Paid deliver services are now very popular among customers. They can make payments once they receive the delivery with card or cash. Most of the online shops now provide Post Paid Delivery services. They use third party courier service/s to deliver goods. They receive the money for the goods they deliver on the spot of sale and hand over them to the seller in return.

However, goods or any other type of delivery such as books, garments, or perfumes must be in good quality and should meet the given orders of the customer/s. Otherwise, they may refuse the order. Therefore, courier services that business or shops hire for their deliveries should have knowledge of how to protect the quality of the goods they deliver during the transportation between the seller and the customer. The task is more complicated if the delivery has to go through many barriers such as customs, land security points, and jurisdictions.

Therefore, Prepaid Service / Postpaid Delivery services of courier companies play a very significant role in increasing the demand for any product or service. Even though many courier services offer variety of payment options, such systems do not mean that they can carry out quality delivery services. Therefore, it is up to the customers to research and find one of the best courier services for entrusting their delivery services.

In this backdrop, provides excellent Prepaid Service / Postpaid Delivery services for individuals and businesses in Sri Lanka. Those who seek delivery services can enter their websites and send an online order form. The payments options of are available on the websites. Customers can obtain further clarification through the E-commerce network by calling to or connecting with representatives.

Providing long term contractual basis delivery services for companies, online shops etc., is one of the fortes of They provide such services on Prepaid / Postpaid payment options. Customers can make payments through online or over the counter at one of their branches located throughout the country. They can know about the concurrent situation of their deliveries by entering the barcodes of the bill vouchers on the tracking field of the website.

Prepaid Service / Postpaid Delivery services of include carrying out deliveries, shipments, importing and exporting, consulting, providing warehouse facilities, advertising, packing and sorting, storing IT files/documents, providing consumer goods, carrying out management services, to name a few from a long list. Hundreds of companies now receive service of in Sri Lanka. Powered by the latest technologies, vehicles, machineries, and logistics, is amongst the most sought after courier services in Sri Lanka at present.

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