Round The Clock Pickup And Drop Off

Just call us being from anywhere in the Island, and we will reach within hours depending on the distance. We take or bring the deliveries no sooner than you need our courier services round the clock. Our back and forth Pick Up or Drop Off service is also available in foreign countries such as Australia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and every Middle Eastern country.

You can track your assignment or consignment that you entrust to us via our E-commerce platform at any time. You just have to log into our E-Commerce platform with the user name that we provide to you when you entrust us your deliveries. You can also call our custom care service round the clock and inquire any issues regarding our services and deliveries.

We are the fastest and most trusted courier services in Sri Lanka that cover the entire island and most of the countries. Our services are highly affordable, most trusted, entirely backed up by state of the art machineries, vehicles, cargos warehouses, and highly qualified staff. We deliver documents, parcels, packages, confidential and fragile items, hazardous and temperature sensitive goods and many more. Call us today itself and entrust us your extremely valuable deliveries. We are at your service round the clock, every day of the year.

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