Same Day Delivery in Sri Lanka / One Day Courier Service in Sri Lanka

People more often get crucial needs to send or deliver parcels, gift, or any other goods on the same day. Most of the people in such a situation will not be able to carry out the task themselves because they do not have the required logistics of completing a same day delivery. For such people, Sri Lanka now provides enough Same Delivery in Sri Lanka/One Day Courier Services. So, people just have to contact one of these courier services and send through them what they need to deliver in haste on the same day to any destination in the island.

Contacting a reputable Same Delivery in Sri Lanka/One Day Courier Service is easy. More often, a reputable courier service is widespread. It maintains branches in every corner of the country and even in many of the foreign countries. It also maintain global E-commerce platform. People who seek Same Day Deliver services can contact them through their E-commerce platform or visit a branch of the company nearest to them and hand over parcels to send on the same day.

In this way, thousands of people do not make physical visit. They now contact courier services through their E-commerce. They just enter internet and surf a website of a courier service and fill in an email order form which they can find on the same website. They can also call the selected company on the hotline given on the website or have a chat with a representative of the company through the same website. Once the company receives the order, they dispatch the staff to the relevant website to collect the required parcels and send them immediately to the destination/s to reach there on the same day.

However, in order to deliver parcels on the same day to any destination in the country, a courier service must have enough staff, vehicles, logistics and sufficient number of pick up spots and many more. Most of the courier services that boast about delivering on the same day cannot fulfill what they claim because they lack above mentioned necessities. Therefore, those who seek a Same Day Deliver in Sri Lanka/One Day courier service ought to research thoroughly the courier service they are going to select before entrusting it with a delivery.

You can research courier services by reading articles on their websites. They also put pictures of their branches and their locations on the websites. They provide many options for customers to connect or get information they need. In addition, they provide tracking services and are always available throughout the day. They also maintain a modern fleet of fast vehicles and freights. Further, they maintain connection with local and international prestigious courier services. You can also inquire about a courier service from your close friends or from anyone who have already received a service of a courier service.

Newly established, a sole subsidiary of the GTV Enterprises (Pvt) limited which is in the field for many decades, boasts all these requirements. They have a large number of vehicles and freights and staff. They maintain a range of state of the art branch from Colombo to Jaffna, and to Matara. They enjoy strong connection with international courier services such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, and Aramex, to name a few. Their branches are located in Pettah, Wellawatta, Maharagama, Nuwara Eliya, Trincomalee, Kandy, Batticaloa, Matara, Vavuniya, Hambantota, thus covering the entire island.

Equipped with all these necessities to be a reputable Same Day Deliver in Sri Lanka/One Day courier service in Sri Lanka, stands out from their counterparts. assures that they deliver any size of parcels on the same day to any destination in the country. They provide tracking facilities to their customers so they can know anytime of the day the situation of their assignments with just by entering E-Commerce platform. No sooner than they receive an order from a customer, they reach the required locations and pick up the packages or parcels and deliver the same to the required destination within a day.

According to the type of the parcel/s, carries out necessary safety methods as they deliver the parcels. That may be chain temperature controlling for heat sensitive items, high refrigerating facilities for perishable goods, safety lockers and guards for valuable items and many more. Therefore, any one who seek services of same day delivery from do not have to worry about whether his/her parcel will reach required destination even it is in the other side of the Island from where he/she live. is one of the best. They are proving it every day over a hundred times. 

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