Send items to your children in universities abroad from Sri Lanka

Unlike in the past, now parents can send any type and size of items to their children studying abroad from Sri Lanka. However, there are banned items as well and they include aerosols, alcoholic beverages, ammunition, asbestos, nonflammable gas filled balloons, batteries, biological substances, clinical and medical waste, drugs and narcotics, corrosives, counterfeit currency, bank notes, postage stamps, and dry ice, to name a few.

However, such bans are hardly relates any bearings in the case of children who study in universities abroad since they rarely need them. They more often receive from their loved ones gifts on birthdays, documents related to their studies, clothes, food item, and so on. But parents must get precautions when they pack any such items because packing safeguards the value of the item that is to be sent abroad. If the package is inferior or not to the standard required, then the item in them may get damaged or staled by the time the recipients get them.

Against this background, recognized courier services are expert at packaging gifts, foods, and whatever other items that they accept to send abroad. They provide special boxes, packages, wrapping on behalf of their customers in this regard. For example, they pack food items to the international standard that required sending such items abroad. So are the documents, clothes, software items and so on.

Moreover, they send vehicles and staff to required destination as well on request to collect such items from parents and loved ones of university students abroad. If the items are perishable such as foods, vegetable and dairy products, they send temperature controlled vehicles. They pay extra attention to such items and get every possible precaution to deliver them afresh to their recipients.

One other feasibility that parents experience with a recognized courier service such as is such courier services have a range of branches in every major city in the island. Therefore, they can hand over any item to send abroad round the clock to these branches. Since there are a high number of branches, such services are available round the clock by calling or emailing.

In addition, recognized courier service provide E-commerce platform where senders can track goods that they send round the clock until they reach the recipients abroad, in this case to university students. They can also inquire as to whereabouts their packages round the clock from the customer care services of such courier services. Mostly, courier services charges for sending gifts, parcels and so on according to the space that such items take in air, land, or ocean freights. It is called dimensional measurement system. Length of the longest part of the item and its width and height are taken into account when charging for sending an item.

Today thousands of children from Sri Lanka study abroad. Parents and loved one undergo lot of troubles when they need to send to them gifts and other required items. By seeking the services of a recognized courier company, they can easily avoid such troubles.

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