Shipping Documents from Sri Lanka: Exports – we make it simplified

Sri Lankan Courier Services provide a range of services. One of them is to help providing Shipping Documents from Sri Lankan on behalf of their customers and clients. In fact, providing Shipping Documents from Sri Lanka needs minute attention or the relevant authorities will not accept them. Therefore, hundreds of companies in Sri Lanka and abroad seek services of courier companies in Sri Lanka in obtaining properly furnished shipping documents from relevant agents for exporting and importing goods.

In addition, reputable courier services in Sri Lanka provide packing services which is highly important when exporting goods from Sri Lanka. Packing should be in such a condition which provides full protection to the items/goods. Moreover, they must be labeled properly for those who handle them to be alerted to what is inside of the packing. They must also be documented properly so that local and foreign authorities to decide how to handle them for shipping and land transportation. Then, they must be insured properly against, any losses, damages, etc., as well.

The recognized courier services in Sri Lanka are familiar with the International Freight Forwarder Act. So they know about all the procedure regarding import and export rules of foreign countries. They also know about systems of shipping, export and import regulations of each country, and documents needed for different exports and imports. Therefore, recognized courier companies in Sri Lanka can help their clients from the beginning of an order to forwarding it to its destination in the quarters such as costs of freights, charges of ports, consultation fees, cost of preparing special documentations, packing and different methods of transits.

Recognized Sri Lankan courier services are also able to verify letters of credit, packing lists, and commercial invoices. They can also reserve the shipping line spaces on behalf of their customers even during the time of excessive demands for certain items. They also cooperate with Customs officials so as to forward the necessary documentations to comply with shipping regulations on behalf of their customers. Recognized courier services also carry the goods to the port and the shipping line on time on behalf of their clients.

Prestigious Sri Lankan shipping services also prepare lading bills and other specific documentations needed for exports. After a shipment being taken place that they control, the relevant courier services send all the necessary documents to their customers or to the banks just making the entire procedure highly effective for everyone concerned. They are also extremely careful the way the packing is done for exports on behalf of their customers.

Thus, Sri Lankan courier services provide each and every shipping document with their customers. They include Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoices, Consular Service certificates, Certificates of Origin, Certifications of Inspection, Dock and Warehouse Receipts, Statement of Destination Control, Insurance Certificates, Export Licenses, and Export Packing Lists. Since they have close links with international courier services, customs officials, shipping branches, shipping lines, reputable Sri Lankan courier companies can handle Shipping Documents from Sri Lanka very well.

A highly recognized provider of Shipping Documents from Sri Lanka is They take care of preparing and obtaining every relevant shipping document on behalf of their customers. They have close connections with almost every reputable global shipping line. Therefore, they can handle any shipping consignments and send them to required destination/s on time. They can arrange Full Container Load (LCL) or Less Than Container Load with shipping lines as per the needs of their customers. They reserve the space needed for shipments ahead of a date of shipments on behalf of their clients and customers. is a sole subsidiary of the GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited. They are in providing of shipping services for many decades. From offering warehouses to taking care of the entire shipping procedure, accepts on behalf of their customers. Safeguarding goods and items, storing them; delivering them from place to place; arranging Shipping Documents from Sri Lanka; liaising with customers, buyers, and relevant authorities in Sri Lanka and foreign countries are only some of the aspects that fulfill on behalf of their clients.

Well prepared Shipping Documents from Sri Lanka means 95 percent of the shipments have already being done. Therefore, preparing and obtaining initial Shipping Documents from Sri Lanka is highly important for any local or foreign exporters who deal with Sri Lankan exports. In this backdrop, is one of the few courier services in Sri Lankan that can handle every aspect of shipping very well. Hundreds of foreign and local clients and customers of prove this fact with zero doubts.

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