Cargo Service in Sri Lanka – Sri Lankan Cargo Service: Select the experts in the field

New or established, companies face numerous problems when they need to carry out their shipments, air cargos, and land freight consignments. A very few companies maintain their own staff and divisions to handle their cargo needs. Lack of qualified staff, high cost of remunerations, enormous time on planning involved in carrying out cargo assignments are but some of the reasons for not taking the challenge of cargo dispatching by many of Sri Lankan companies.

Therefore, they more often contact a Sri Lanka Cargo Service and hand over them their cargo assignments. A reputable Cargo Service in Sri Lanka has highly qualified staff, any type of freights, fast vehicles, and large warehouses among others to accept any type of cargo services on behalf of any micro or macro company. With such a Cargo Service in Sri Lanka, a business or an individual can face any challenge of delivering goods, parcels, gifts etc., to any country on time with the least cost.

In Sri Lanka, the GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited has been providing cargo services for decades. This well-known company has made their presence known in many field besides providing cargo services. Therefore, in order to focus more on cargo related services, GTV established sometimes back Today, is in the forefront of Sri Lanka Cargo Service providers. With the unmatched knowledge of the field gained by their parent company ‘GTV Enterprises’, has never faced anything to date that they could not solve in their customers’ cargo needs. are experts in General, Express, On Board Courier, Dangerous Goods, Live Animals, Perishable Goods, Valuable, and Vulnerable cargo handling. They are equally well in providing Air, Ocean, 3rd Party Logistics, Domestic Cargo Services, Brokerage and MIS services, and Cargo Insurance services. In fact, those who seek cargo services of rarely has nothing to worry about since they carry out from A to Z of cargo handling until they reach the required destinations on time.

They are the best in the field when meeting transit times, selecting air routes for affordable rates, and providing speedy solutions for any cargo transporting problems in Air, Sea, or on Land. They have partnerships with most of the international shipping and airlines thus gaining access to competitive cargo rates, immediate transit times, fixed allocations, flexible lift capacity of carriers, and many more privileges. handles Consolidation Cargo Services, and also provides Cargo Logistics for Garments industries. They also offer Charter Service Management for companies. is recognized one of the forefront cargo service provider of NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier) services.

Moreover, prepares flexible sailing schedules on behalf of their clients and provides shipment tracking services as well. They also manage purchase orders and secure spaces on airlines, shipping lines, and in other cargo carriers when their clients enjoy high demands for their goods. To meet the ever increasing storage demands of businesspersons and individuals, regularly updates their spacious warehouses located in a high number of cities in Sri Lanka.

On behalf of their clients, also offer Sorting, Packing, Repacking, Labelling, and Palletizing services as well. Their clients also become partners of global E-commerce platform. Therefore, they can monitor their shipments round the clock no matter where they are in the world. Through sophisticated, highly technical E-Commerce platform of, their clients can Trace and Track data of their shipments and cargos. They can have bespoken reports on their shipments and other services through E-Commerce platforms.

Since and their clients will be able to manage more than 90 percent of cargo related work through E-Commerce, they reduce costs and keep connection between their clients and their shipments throughout the day. The cargo options available from include Same Day Air, and Surface cargo services; Next Day, Second Day, Three day land and air cargo services; Road Feeder, Economy, Direct Delivery, Value Added, Local Pick-up and Delivery; P.O.D. Availability and weekend and off hours Special Delivery services. can also engage in cargo brokerage services on behalf of their customers. In fact, with Sri Lanka Cargo Service, their client businesses do not have to worry about how to get clearance in Sri Lanka or abroad. The trained staff of can handle customs clearance meticulously with local and foreign partners. Most of international brokerage partners of are legally recognized brokers in their respective countries.

In sum, when it comes to Cargo related issues, has every solution. They handle not only day to day cargo solutions, but also long-term contractual cargo needs of micro and macro companies in equal terms. They provide supply chain management safeguarding the heating, temperature, cooling requirements of perishable and time sensitive products. Providing daily, weekly, monthly and annual inventory documents, updating related documents, detailing round the clock information for customers, providing bespoken EDI Programs are other value added services available with

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