Storage and Warehousing Services in Sri Lanka

The need for better storage services increases everyday with the development of the country’s economy. In this backdrop, many more Sri Lankan and foreign investors join the field of providing Storage Services in Sri Lanka at present for those who seek secure, sufficient storage facilities. An individual or a business seeks storage services in Sri Lanka for many reasons.

One of them is insufficient space at their locations or businesses. Another is lack of logistics. Yet another is lack of staff. Lack of equipment, machineries, vehicles, includes other issues. Imagine a new business that produces a considerable volume of products in daily basis. Naturally, they must have suitable and sufficient storage facilities for storing their products. If they produce temperature sensitive products, then they may need logistics of how to store them and deliver to the customers in high quality.

If new companies decide to build and equipped their own storage facilities, they have to invest millions in constructing them. Then they have to maintain a large staff, equipment, machineries etc., to carry out required works at the location. For a newly started or for even an established company, this task of maintaining their own storages is out of reach. Therefore, it is easier for them to seek a Storage Service in Sri Lanka to protect, preserve and deliver their products.

Rather than just storing products, Storage Services in Sri Lanka provide many other related services. In fact, they do the entire process of storing, safeguarding, packing, delivering to and fro, inventorying, consulting and many other related works. By hiring a reputable a modern Storage Service in Sri Lanka, a company or individual can be confident that every aspect of that part will be taken care of by the hired company.

Besides storing goods, machineries, equipments, liquids etc., Storage Services in Sri Lanka provide data securing services as well. Many companies do not have enough qualified staff or high capacity IT servers to back up their important and confidential data. They can hire a storage service for this task and create cyber links with that company to back up their software information files and retrieve them whenever they need them within seconds. Sri Lanka now has a high number of such information storage service providers. They design servers, install programs, input information, protect and preserve them on behalf of their customers.

However, not many Sri Lankan Storage Servicers provide both hardware and software storing services. One of such is They provide storage facilities for goods, services, information, among others. Cooling storage facilities for temperature sensitive goods, supplying chain managements, providing inventories, importing and exporting, supplying land, sea, and airline freight services, providing consumer goods for companies and individuals are but some of the hardware storage services that provides at present. Info management services, another unique from, are sought after by many companies now. secures information on behalf of their customers and provides them with high quality record management solutions. With, any company or individual can guarantee that their important and confidential information is secured for generation and available them whenever they need them within seconds. In this way, companies can backup their logistics for eternity and get retrieved them for future planning. also provides storage facilities for their clients to preserve their physical files and documents and manage them for them. Many companies seek such services since they do not have enough space to store old files and documents. info secures files and documents for generations and manage them on behalf of their clients complying with international regulations and standards.

Moreover, Electronic Record Management includes services of scanning, indexing, converting documents to electronic files etc. on-site of their clients or off-site. Info provides state of the art archives for tape recording and storing them. With such facilities, clients can access their important tapes and files very fast. In the event of a natural disaster such as fire, flood, or any other, file backup services have proved invaluable for their clients to start afresh their businesses. Info services also help their clients to get rids of their outdate IT files, tapes, information etc. Companies may have many reasons for destructing their outdated information or files. provides excellent disposal services without breaching the environmental regulations. They can also get third party gathering services for such disposal needs of their clients. disposes outdated hard drives, laptops, PCs, CDs, DVDs, Smartphones, LTOs etc., for affordable prices complying with local and international regulations. So, do not hesitate to contact for your storage and disposal needs as they can provide you with the best solutions.

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