The Secret behind the Unbeatable Rates Offered by

For all your courier needs, is the one-stop shop that covers all your needs starting from packaging to delivering. Backed by the renowned GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited, is one of the top courier services on the island. With a wide-spread islandwide network, you can reach us from any part of the island. is operating collaboratively with many local agents and global partners to offer an efficient service. No matter where you are from the country and to where you want to send across your package, we can reach you. We stand tall among many competitive courier service providers in Sri Lanka as our name is synonymous with affordability and reliability. As many of our customers get delighted and astonished at the same time, about our unmatched rates, we thought of sharing how has been able to offer such affordable and exclusive charges.

· Our clientele is ever growing

Even at the very moment you go through this post, a client is waiting keyed up holding a package in front one of our counters until the previous client leaves! As we always deliver our promise to provide you with a prompt service, people come to us again and again. So each and every day, our clientele is growing and on the other hand the mountain of parcels we receive goes up high enough to touch the ceiling. Because of these high volumes, we enjoy the benefits of economies of scale. Therefore we pass down a significant portion of our cost savings to our customers by offering you unmatched rates.

· Our processes are streamlined

To keep up with the cut-throat competition and increasing costs, we always maintain high-work ethics and completely streamlined processes. At we have implemented quality systems and efficient logistics arrangements to improve our productivity. Even in parcel packaging, we pay attention to every single detail to minimize damages and extra costs. As a result we always win when it comes to efficiency and cost saving. Since we follow the best logistics practices, our costs are eliminated to a greater extent. Therefore we have the comparative advantage to offer our services at a reasonable service charge.

· Our reach is greater

With the back-up of GTV Enterprises (Pvt) Limited we have been able to establish our footprint across many parts of the island. So we can deliver your parcels to any location across the island within a very shorter period of time. At the same time, customers can contact us easily due to our wide-spread agent network. As our reach is greater, we can offer you affordable rates unlike many other local courier services.

· Our strong partnerships both locally and globally

Last not but least, we at have established strong collaborations with most of premier local and international partners. As a result we get concessionary rates for any location, especially for global destinations. Since these cheaper rates can only be enjoyed by partner networks, you cannot expect such cheaper service charges from any other local courier service provider. Eventually our customers receive very affordable rates when they send their packages via

So now you know how offers you the best rates on the island. If you want to send your “Package of Happiness” via and enjoy the unbeatable rates, you can call us on:

For local inquires 4321000

For global inquires 4654444

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