Warehousing Services In Sri Lanka: Choose The Best

Sri Lanka is fast becoming a regional business hub as many local and foreign businesspersons enter various commercial fields in the country. However, new businesspersons face many varied obstacles at the initial stages of their ventures. One of the major problems they experience is lack of proper storing spaces for their products, raw materials, and for other necessary equipment and related logistics. In this backdrop, warehousing services in Sri Lanka come to their rescue on request at this crucial stage for affordable charges.

In fact, a proper warehouse lays out a strong foundation for any business since the supply chain of that venture totally depends on its warehouse facilities. Businesses must arrange their warehouses in such a way to make it easy to pick up what they need within seconds. Therefore, modern-day state of the art warehouses boast automated system to handle most of their task with qualified system operators. In such warehouses, products and pallets run on automated conveyors. They maintain automated storing systems supported by medium and heavy machineries such as fork-lifts and cranes.

Furthermore, modern warehouses have computer programmed retrieval systems. According to the given needs, operators can program the system. Moreover, most of warehousing services in Sri Lanka have temperature controlling systems. Therefore, they can supply storage facilities for perishable items and heat sensitive products such as various chemicals, medications, and consumer liquids. Some small warehouses include automated facilities to store a range of goods horizontally to the height of even 40 meters. To select the stored products, such warehouses have modern systems such as pick-to-voice, pick-to-paper, and pick-to-light automated systems.

The latest warehouses in Sri Lanka provide a range of services other than merely serving as storages. They offer inventory management, import and export services, supply chain management, retail services, refrigerated storing facilities and temperature sensitive automated storage facilities. Knowing this fact very well, thousands of businesses seek services of Warehousing in Sri Lanka for managing their shipments, transportations, storages, packing, inventorying, delivering their products through air, ocean, and land freights, to name a few.

One of the most sought after companies for warehousing services in Sri Lanka at present is Courier.lk. They boast warehouses equipped with the latest technologies and experienced staff who can handle every aspect of storing needs. Courier.lk is a sole subsidiary of GTV Enterprises (Pvt.) Limited which engages in diverse business fields for many decades. They have a high number of state of the art branches throughout the island like of their branches in Wellawatte, Pettah, Kotahena, Wattala, Jaffna, Trincomalee, and Batticaloa.

Of their services, Courier.lk provides its warehousing services on contractual or day-to-day basis. Protecting the trust of its clients and customers in Courier.lk is the most cherished commitment of its staff. Therefore, many prestigious companies in Sri Lanka now trust Courier.lk for their warehousing needs. They provide logistics in management, import and exports, any type of freight requirement (Sea, Air, Land), buying and selling, to name a few.

Moreover, the latest E-Commerce-based tracking facilities of the Courier.lk keep their service-seekers well informed round the clock. Supported by reputable international courier services such as DHL, ARAMEX, UPS, TXT, and FEDEX, Courier.lk provides round the clock tracking facilities to their customers keeping them known of the latest position of their packages and consignments.

In addition, Courier.lk engages in providing consumer goods for individuals and companies under pre-arranged contracts. For example, a business can seek Courier.lk consumer goods-providing services for its canteens or similar outlets that it maintains for the benefit of their staff. You can get the Courier.lk warehousing services by being in the comfort of your home through its sophisticated E-Commerce platform. Courier.lk website has facilities such as ordering forms, hotline numbers, tracking services, emails, informative articles, and many more.

Courier.lk has lifted Warehousing Services in Sri Lanka altogether up to a new level on a par with international warehousing facilities. You can trust them for your warehousing needs of storing any type of goods and to acquire relevant logistics. Contact us today itself and hand over your warehousing needs to Courier.lk. Experience the relaxation you experience as Courier.lk takes much of the burden away from you and fulfill them on your behalf to meet your highest expectations.

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